Next Time Around

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Braydens Mom - June 21

I'm not planning another child soon, but I would like everyone's opinion about what to do. My first son was born via c-section. I went into labor 3 days before my due date, and my labor progressed smoothly. However, my cervix is posterior (pointed toward the back instead of toward the front.) My docs were hoping that my son's head would correct that, but he was facing up instead of down, so he really only made the problem worse. I progressed to nine cm (over 16 hours) with no pitocin, but then his heart rate dropped to 60 and stayed. I was then rushed into the OR. I didn't get to see my son until the next morning, and I missed my entire family's reaction to him, even my fiance's. It sounds stupid, but I was really looking forward to it. Anyway, my doc says that next time, it will be my choice as whether to do another c-section, or try a vbac. What do you all think I should do? On one hand, I'd hate to go through another 16+ hours of labor and end up with another c-section anyway. On the other, I really want to see my next baby right away and get to see everyone else's reaction to him/her. I know it sounds silly, as I'm not even PLANNING my next one yet, but I definately would like to have a plan. Suggestions?? (sorry so long)


lovemy3 - June 22

Hi there, I have had 3 sections with all different scenerios. With ,my first it was an emergency and I was put completely out. By the time I came around she had been helicoptered off to a major childrens hospital and I with my preeclampsia didn't see her till she was 10 days old. She is now healthy and all is fine. With my second I was awake but she also needed special care, so i saw her briefly and then after about 2 hours I had her with me permanently. then with my third i was awake and all was perfect and he was with me the whole time. I feel just as close and just as excited about all my births. they were just different. I would say, go with what will be healthiest for you and your baby. everything else will work itself out and you'll be happy no matter what. bottom line will be you will have your baby, good luck.


Nerdy Girl - June 25

Unless something strange and unexpected happens, you are not knocked out for a scheduled c-section. I had two C's, one unplanned and one planned. I was completely awake and got to see my babies right away. It sounds like you have time to research repeat C's versus VBACs since you are not pregnant yet. It's a real "hot b___ton" topic, as I am sure you see from this forum. My kids were both large (9 lbs and 10 lbs) and I heard enough about uterine rupture during VBAC, particularly with large babies, to know that I would choose the repeat C. But that was the right choice for me personally. You have time to research what's right for you.....


Julie.N - June 26

Hi! I had an emergency c-section with my dd, i was awake for her being born but put to sleep to be stiched up. I saw her for a second before she was taken to be checked over. Then i didnt see her till i came round about an hour later. I hate the fact that i missed that 1st hour and my dh and dd together for the first time. a few days after having her i was worrying about having to have another c-section next time around!! i spoke to my midwife about it at the time and she said there is no reason why i couldnt have a normal birth if i wanted. Anyway 21 months on and we are ttc again, when i do get preg i am sure i'm gonna woory constantly as to whether i will have to have c-sec again. so you are not alone with your worries, hoe everything works out when you do decide to have another!!



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