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MuzikGurl - January 18

I just had my first child ( a girl ) back on 12/10/06 so she's a month and week old and I had a c-section also. I was told not to have s_x until 6 weeks after but, hubby and I couldn't help ourselves and well, he have been having s_x protected sometimes and sometimes not and since 2 weeks after my c-section I also have been spotting off and on lately like I'll spot for an hour and the next hour nothing...and it's been like that since. A week ago my right side has been feeling sharp pains off and on mostly when I stand up and walk but, not sure if that is normal or not. I don't have regular periods and I'm not on any birth control or any meds...nor am I br___tfeeding. So, anyone else had this similar problem(s) I'm going to the dr. on 1/23/07 for my 6 week check up.


sahmof3 - January 18

Any of what you described could be normal after a c-section, but there is a possibility that you could be pregnant, too. Have you tested? You might want to before your 6 week exam.


aurorabunny - January 18

Yeah I would say not using any birth control (especially since you're not b___stfeeding) probably isn't such a hot idea unless you are already wanting to be pregnant again, which is too soon for your body to get the rest it needs IMO.


MuzikGurl - January 19

no, i haven't tested part of me doesn't think i am pregnant but, the other part of me has this weird feeling I could be...i do agree it's too early for me i mean, i want to try for round two but not this early...i was planning on it happening when this baby gets at least 3 years of age first. I know we should be using protection and everything but, when you have been having s_x for a years without it it's hard to remember when ur caught up in the moment. It took us 2 years to get pregnant with this baby. I'm so exhuasted and last night i was cramping and i've been spotting off and on for the past couple weeks now and it's getting annoying. I'm irritable one minute and fine the next but, mostly so tired ( which is understandable considering the baby doesn't sleep all night). I keep thinking it's just PMS and my body trying to gt on track like normal but, since before I got pregnant I wasn't having regular periods if at all and I wasn't ovulating or anything so that's why I had to take Clomid (an ovulation pill) to get pregnant with her...I don't know what it's like to have normal periods and go through PMS regularly. So, do u really think this could be PMS and my body just reacting to it or do u think I could be pregnant but too early to tell on a hpt. yes, I would like to know before i see the dr. on th 23rd i think this weekend i will buy a pg. test and take it just incase....i sure hope i'm not pregnant at least not yet. thanks for ur inputs.


sahmof3 - January 19

Well, all I can say is be careful if it turns out you aren't pregnant already. I was also on Clomid to conceive my daughter (I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)... it took 21 months of ttc to get pregnant!! Then, when she was 8 months old and still b___stfeeding I got pregnant again. We had just decided to start ttc again, because we thought it would take forever, but it took 2 days! So, they are 17 months apart. Well, I wish you luck whichever way it goes...


lovemy3 - January 19

It is also a possibility you could have an internal infection.. That is why you are told to wait 6 weeks. Infection and the fact your insides are healing and you have a lot of stiches etc in your uterus. You can cause scar tissue internally and not know it. Hope you are ok and thats not the case. Good luck.


MuzikGurl - January 19

how can u tell if u had scar tissue??? sahmof3, i have the same thing and my husband i were thinking the same thing that it would take us just as long to get pregnant with number two but, i've heard stories that after having number 1 ur body could jump start itself and become normal enough to get pregnant without meds like before.



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