Numb After C Section

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Donna - April 28

Hiya, i had an emergancy C-section and im still recovering 2 weeks later, ive been told to rest loads and i have been doing, im still sore but my lower belly is numb, i cant feel it at all just wondering if anyone else feels the same? my doctor told me its because they have cut through nerves, just wondering if thats true and if i will ever be able to feel it again, thanks!


Donna - April 28

Has anyone got any answers?


Mel J - April 29

Hey Donna! I had an emergency c-section w/ my little boy almost 3 years ago and the same thing happened to me. Still to this day from my belly b___ton down to my incision site is numb! it bothered me at first but after awhile you dont even notice anymore. my friend had the same problem and she said with her next pregnancy her tummy grew big and it got a little better so i'm waiting to see if it's true. Wish i had better news for you!


Ashley - April 29

Hi Donna... first congratulations!!! I too had a c-section 2 1/2 weeks ago. My lower belly doesn't feel numb but the incision really hurts. I was told its because I have lots of air trapped inside from the section and need to release gas. Hope that helps...


hi - April 30

donna, check out the thread that says: 'should i feel like this 2 years after c-section?' it talks about pain and numbness post c-section


Donna - April 30

Thanks for your posts, i thought it was just me that still felt numb, thought there was something seriously wrong glad to know its normal :) thanks again x


Jbear - May 2

I'm still numb after 3 years. I wasn't sure how deep the numbness went, but I'm pregnant again and I can feel the baby kicking in the numb areas, so I guess the numbness is mostly superficial. At least it's in a place where you're unlikely to cut or burn yourself and not feel it.


Donna - May 2

it just feels tingly when i touch it its not completely numb


Maya - May 3

I had my c-section on April 19th and to this day still feel numb, and even feel numbness through my lower back and b___t! I was told it was completely normal, and could last years but is not something to be worried greatly about. Congratulations, by the way!


Mandie - May 3

I've had 2 c/s and at my 6wk check up after having my first baby I asked the doctor why was I numb. He said it was nere damage where i had been cut and is not serious and 8 out of 10 women get the same.. It could recover in time but if not its no biggie as it dosn't affect anything else


Nerys G - May 23

I had a section nearley 4 months ago, and my lower tummy is still numb and very saggy. Because it is still numb will i ever be able to tone it up and get back into shape?


Tara - June 2

I had a c-section nearly five years ago and I'm pregnant again at the moment. I still have several numb spots on my stomach well above my scar. Once Ie actually leaned on the wall oven door when opening it and didn't even realise my stomach was touching it until I moved slightly and touched a spot that wasn't numb. I wasn't overly aware of it before, but now I'm pregnant again and my growing stomach touches things it is much more obvious.


Jill - June 2

My incision has been numb ever since my section 2 years ago. It's slowly gotten better. Right after, I couldn't feel the incision, or the skin around it. Now, I can feel the skin around it, I just can't feel right along the scar. I think everyone has that, and it is because the doctor cuts right through all the nerves. I don't know if the feeling will eventually come back.


April - June 4

I had an emergency c-section in 1994, and have had the numbness since then (10 years). It hasn't bothered me, though and when I recently had my third child in Feb. 2005, my recovery was much easier because they cut through the old scar, where everything was already numb anyway. I didn't hurt nearly as much this time, and I couldn't even feel it when the nurse pulled my JP drain out or when I pulled my dressing off at home. Last time, I took lots of pain medication. This time, I might have taken 4 Lortab after I got home. So, the numbness turned out to be a blessing for me! Congratulations on your new baby. They are wonderful!


Jenny - June 27

I deliverd 04-04-05 almost 3 months ago, my tummy is still numb and My Dr. said it can be numb for 6 months and may never get all the feeling back.


jossie - July 6

i had my first section in 2000 and was worried when i fell pregnant again in 2003 because from the bellyb___ton down to my scar i was still completly numb and i didn't think i would be able to feel the baby kick but i did. though i am still totally numb now.


Shellini - July 11

I had my c - section almost 5 months ago, and I still feel pain and numbness from my belly b___ton down to my insicion. The doc keep telling me it may last up to one year, but all the stuff I am reading from other mother's say it could last longer. It is major surgury, and may take a few years. It depends on your body. I wish I would have better news as well! Fell better!



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