Numb Stomach After C Section

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MuzikGurl - February 7

Has anyone noticed any numbing areas on their stomach after their c-section??? it's been almost two months and the middle section under my belly button is completely numb....the sides are still tender but, not too bad but, i can't feel the middle part and on this normal??? i was wondering if it is or not before i call my dr. about it. like i can feel my hand is touching it but, my stomach doesn't feel my, if i were to close my eyes and someone took a sharp needle to my stomach i wouldn't feel mom said the epidural killed my nerve endings in that area...i don't like that...can it be fixed??? what happens if i have another c-section will the other part of my stomach go numb can i fix this and how can i prevent it??!? please help...thansk!


sahmof3 - February 7

It's totally normal and very common. The feeling may or may not come back. Mine did, but my best friend's didn't. I think it's more likely from nerve damage from the cutting from your c-section. Anyway, that area's not numb for me, but last year I really messed up my knee and there's a section on the side of my leg... not even where I fell on it... that is numb, but when I touch it I don't feel anything right there, BUT I feel it over on my knee. So weird! I think it's going to stay like that because it hasn't gone away in 13 months!


srigles - February 8

Mine was really numb for about a month, and now (3 months after ds was born) it's just slightly numb right where the scar is. Doesn't even bug me any more! Apparently it's due to the nerve endings being cut in your abdomen.


Amandanbaby - February 9

My son is almost 10 months old now and I still can't feel anything from my navel and down. I've been told that you will never get the feeling back completely.


candaceann1 - February 9

Its been almost 7 years and I am still numb.


MuzikGurl - February 10

that's crazy...i guess i'll have to learn to live with, i'm having sharp stabbing pains on my right side of my stomach it comes and goes and i've been feeling nauseated-sp? and feeling like I have to go number 2 like a diaherria feeling but, when I go I only go a little or not at's just the feeling..i hate woke me up all of a sudden out of my sleep last night at 3am...I took a pg. test this morning to make sure I'm not pg. and it was neg. so...I'm not sure what's going on with my body....don't have a fever but, I feel runned down sorta...but that could be because of the baby she just turned 2 months today.


Kara H. - February 13

I am 7 months PP and I would say just in the last month I have had a huge increase in sensativity. It actually got real hypersensative and I couldn't stand clothes to touch it right before the feeling started coming back. You could be one that doesn't get it back, or it could just take a little longer.


MM - February 13

I have a numb spot too... had my ds 13 weeks ago. I also get cramps every once in awhile.


pebblesnbambam - February 14

I had a csection over 3 years ago and still have that numbness. My doctor said that it is totally normal and the feeling may never come back fully. I am now pregnant and am hoping for a VBAC.. I DONT want another c-section!


lizzy11 - February 14

Muzikgurl, I'm having the same thing, stabbing pains on the right side and feeling so so tired and the number 2 feeling. I haven't done a PH test. I had some light bleeding on the 9th that last for four days but no pre AF symptoms. I've had unprotected s_x. Yikes! My DD is 9 and a half weeks. What is this?


MuzikGurl - February 15

lizzy11, Hi...the feeling only lasted that one day but, I'm still spotting off and on now...very very little it was only for two days today is my 3rd b___bs are still sore...I'm scared to test because I'm afraid it might be positive...I'm with you...YIKES! my baby girl is only 9 going on 10 weeks old.....but I feel you on everything though...maybe we should both way and test on Monday morning....and then post to see each other's results...I'm hoping it's neg. but, I'll be happy too if it's pos. but really i want a neg. but, the reason I say wait til monday then that will give us more time for our body to build up the hormone if it is a pos....just so we don't test early and it gives us a false neg. or vice versa....what do u think? - February 16

mine was numb for 2 years. its normal, don't worry!



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