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babyonboard16 - March 14

Okay I found out today I am definately having a c-section please let me know what to expect all and all. I am really nervous, though I have a few weeks until then.


emunah - March 14

I had the same question a couple of months ago when I found out I was having a c-sec. Because it was my first section, I was clueless, so I started a thread in this section called "what is the procedure of a cesarean". You should search for it, because a couple of people gave very informative information. Then if you have more questions, you could just post them. Good luck!


sahmof3 - March 14

Hi! I posted under emunah's thread. I also posted to nounou on the 3rd trimester board today about one of my c-sections... the scheduled one where I had a spinal, which I think is probably what you will have? Good luck!


moescrilla - March 14

sahmof3 - have you had an epidural before?? I was wondering if it was similar to a spinal. I had an epidural with my son, then after hours of not progressing and him losing oxygen I had to have an emergancy c-section. So I'm sure this time around I'll have a spinal. Just wondering if they're a nightmare or not.


sahmof3 - March 15

Hi moescrilla... Yeah, I had an epidural while in labor with my first... and eventually an emergency c-section, like you did! With my 2nd I had the spinal. To me they felt the same going in. I was more nervous about the spinal... I guess because with the epi I was in a really bad labor and I didn't care what the heck they had to do to relieve the pain lol, but with the spinal I had a whole pain-free morning to think and worry about it.... but in the end it was a small pinch and that was it ;-)


venus_in_scorpio - March 21

hey babyonboard... having a c-section, to ME anyways, totally beats the whole labor and aginal delivery thing. i did not have a v____al delivery before but i was in unmedicated labor 15 hours before they decided i needed an emergency section. it was not bad at all. they gave me an epidural (FINALLY!!! LOL) and brought me into the OR and let my hubby come in with scrubs on, and then i remember then saying its 11 pm, then i just remember them saying, youre going to feel a bit of pressure (I didnt really feel anything) sand thats when they lifted my baby out, i heard her crying and then they handed her to my hubby, sewed me up and brought me to recovery. that was that - recovery is a little rough at first, but they give you pain meds and if you tke it easy but still do things youll bounce back quick. you cant have s_x for 3 weeks, no driving for 4 weeks, and resume normal activities after 6-8 weeks.



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