Pain 2 Years After Cs Help

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Juliebb - October 25

Hi, my name is Julie. I had a c section a little more than 2 years ago. I had a bad pain on the right side after the surgery. A nurse wasn't very careful when she was helping me into the hospital bed, and I felt something pull . It was so painful. Anyways, months later I went to get an ultrasoud because I was still having pain. The pain is along my right side, almost like ovarian and round ligament pain combined. The only thing they could see was that my right ovary looked like it was low and tucked in the back. The doctors didn't even mention this to me, only the tech did. My doctor thought the pain was from entangled nerves and suggested that I try physical therapy. It hurts when I cross my legs, stand for too long. It really hurts when I lie in bed too. I guess it's time for a second opinion. I just don't want to get the run around again. I wanted to go to the appointment equipped with some knowledge, and intelligent questions. Thanks for any help! Sincerely, Julie


djh - October 25

sounds like adhesions and don't let them tell you that is nothing. When I had my hysterectomy due to the bad effects of c-sections they had to: cut my bladder off my uterus, free my colon from the back of my uterus and took my ovaries because they had scar tissue pulling them down. I had pinches now and then after my c's but it was the bladder probs and the most gruesome periods I complained about. But if I had all that with little day to day PAIN (more bladder, period pain) you might have it a lot worse or in a more irritating place. Good luck!


Danielle - November 5

I am glad (in a selfish way) that it's not just me!! I felt like if I brought it up to my Dr. that I would just be complaining because I have had very serious post partum depression. After my c-section I noticed ALWAYS on my left side there was alot of pain. SO, they upped my pain killers and said don't worry, it's normal. I stayed in the hospital for a week! Now, six months later I have pain in the tendon on the inside of my upper left theigh (can't cross my legs very well) and I can't stand and hold my daughter very long without feeling like my scar is splitting open!!!! Any advice or thoughts on what I should or should not do? dhansen8 at (I don''t know if I will ever be able to find this site again!



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