Pain Meds With A C Section

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D~ - January 4

I had my c-section 6 days ago, and I'm still taking percocet. I'm down to just 1-2 tablets a day. My question is, are you ladies still taking your pain meds one week after surgery? And is it safe to br___tfeed and take percocet? I'm concerned that this is harming my baby............thoughts?? Thanks!


Jbear - January 4

I took meds for three weeks after my surgery. I broke the tablets in half, because a whole one made me too sleepy. I wasn't didn't work for me...but the meds are safe while you're b___stfeeding. It wouldn't be safe if you took it for months, but for a couple of weeks while you heal it's fine.


Charlene - January 5

You absolutely can take those pain just had major surgery and it would be terribly unfair for you to try and tolerate daily activities without it. Your baby may be a bit sleepy when you nurse, but compared to what they gave you in the IV at the hospital, this is less heavy-duty. Pain=stress, stress=stress hormones, stress hormones=get into b___st milk, thus baby gets stress hormones. Be well, and take your time!


Jamie - January 5

I took meds for 3 weeks - I just responded to your post in the b___stfeeding section.


D~ - January 5

Thanks ladies! I appreciate your advice.


kuhaaica - January 17

No it is NOT safe to take percocet and b___stfeed, not in the slightest. Thats some doc giving you that for pain relief after a section you shouldnt need that much. I would switch to tylenol with codiene and one advil, much safer


Lynne - January 17

I took Endocet after my section. I took it for about 2-3 weeks however the 800mg of Advil actually did more for me than the narcotic pain killer.


olivia - January 18

They gave me demerol the first 2 days in the hospital. After forgetting who had visited and feeling really druged, I told them no more. (I am allergic to percocet). I switched to motrin and stayed on it for a week or two while nursing. They did not give me any warnings about nursing on the demerol and did send me home with an rx if I wanted it.


Charlene - January 19

I had morphine in the hospital, but stopped using it about 8 hrs after my c-section. They would have given me percocet, but all I asked for was some extra strength tylenol. I have been lucky and was doen with all pain meds by day 2 - they think I must have a high pain tolerance. I was pretty sure that they said it was ok to b___stfeed though on the percocet. Call a pharmacist and see what they say. Best of luck to you.



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