Painful Sex

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HP - November 27

Is it normal for s_x to be painful after a c section? It feels like I'm tearing.


sh - March 5

i also had this experience. i am not sure why


? - March 5

Tearing at your incision?


Jennifer - March 10

Yes! I just had my 2nd cesarean and I am waiting as long as HE can wait before we have s_x again! It does hurt and feels like tearing. The best position that was comfortable for me would have to be missionary. That way you can be comfortable and avoid using a lot of muscles, let him do the work. Also there is a chance that you could tear open your incision if you are not careful. Remember you also have st_tches inside that could tear. The best advice would be from your doctor so you should probably ask him/her.


Shawn - April 18

My little guy is 10 months old and it hurts so bad when my husband and I have intercourse. Intercourse was always good for us and now I feel like I'm letting him down because of how much pain I'm in. Why would it hurt so much after having a c-section? Can anyone relate and maybe guide me into the right direction for help


patty - April 22



Jbear - April 26

I had s_x 10 days after my c-section. It didn't hurt, but I was scared. Sometimes, dryness can be an issue because of hormone changes after pregnancy. My husband was careful not to put his weight on my belly, and I had a pillow under my b___t. Everyone is different, though. I have a friend who had a v____al delivery, but she tore really badly. She waited 6 months after her son was born to try having s_x again, but she was so terrified of the possible pain that she vomited on her husband.


Jessy - May 4

For me, I think the numbness makes me FEEL like I'm in pain..but if all went well, you should be all healed up by 6 weeks and can resume regular s_x..but I was still careful JUST because of the painful feeling...makes s_x uncomfortable...if it hurts just to move, THEN i think you have a problem, but if it ONLY hurts to brush up against or touch, it's probably just the numbness being all sensitive and tingly like just do s_x in a way that does not cause hubby to brush up against or touch your incision in any way and I think s_x will be much more enjoyable for you both bad numb/pain feeling pa__sed(on both C-sections, so far)after 3 to 6 it's a light numb feeling, not as bad as before. eww Jbear you just made me laugh at that last statement..kinda yucky but funny, too! Hey Shawn if your pain is that bad after 10 months, I would definitely be asking my doctor why that is...and I would certainly feel like you as I'm letting my husband down, I hope somthing can be done for you, that's a terrible situation you're in.


jenaford - May 28

i waited 4 week's and it feel's great better than before no problems here



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