Painful Sex After C Section

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papillon19811 - September 11

had the same problem it was extremely painful,like i was getting stabbed inside my v____a.......I took a water aerobics cla__s 2x a week for 1 month and it made it great again......I know others that tried it as well and seemed to do the trick for them also.... just putting it out there for those who feel as desperate as i did to fix the problem...... :)


csmom - November 14

Understand that your uterus is attached to your cervix and your cervix is attached to your v____al ca___l so the pulling and tugging that can occur during s_x affects those areas as well. Combine that with not having had s_x for a few weeks and you can feel some discomfort. What most doctors are especially concerned about however is not only about the bleeding that might occur on the outside when you decide to resume s_xual activities with your partner, it is also the bleeding that might occur on the inside from your healing uterus. That is why you need the ‘go ahead’ from your doctor. But even then, there are some precautions to look out for. For example, be gentle during s_x because the site of the incision is still tender. Choose positions that won’t be painful or uncomfortable. It’s is the conventional position that causes the most pain for the woman.


fordcowgirl05 - January 3

i had a csection almost 8 months ago and it still is really painful and brings me to tears just about every time it feels like someone is ripping my insides out does anyone have any tips for me to help this go away


tummy tamer - January 4

When you say its painful, is that with s_x, while you pick up baby or vacuum? If its with s_x, have your husband(partner) wash his hands and gently do some v____al/peritoneal ma__sage by pressing inside your v____al walls towards hip bone or follow your directions, without oil, and gently - letting each gentle pressing to be held for a minute or more while you breathe......otherwise go to your Dr and have them do an ultrasound to make sure they didn't do anything wrong.......all the best



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