Periods After Delivery

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geetika - August 18

i had my ceaser 8 months back . after that i had my periods in october. again it happened in feb through harmons medicine modus10. till date no periods my gyne suggested to take again the same medicine. what to do? i m not feeding my kid due to no lectation.


mary - August 3

i had my baby 3 months ago and have not had my period yet. i am not b___stfeeding


gayle - August 13

i just started my period a week ago. i had a baby 6 weeks ago. the period is still very heavy . it that ok and how long will it last. i just also started the pill 4 days ago. thank you


alexandra - August 18

I had my baby two months ago, had a very very heavy period that lasted eight days exaclty one month after birth. Dont worry its normal.


KRISTIE - September 27



claire - November 19

i had Bobby 6 weeks ago and i still have not started my periods again. i b___stfed for 2weeks but now im bottle feeding. i recon its normal. its just different for every woman. everyones body is different.


Rachael - January 12

Ihad my baby a year ago and have only had about 5 periods within this time. I have also just had treatment for abnormal cells on the cervix , is this related or is it all just hormonal????


mili - January 17

i had normal delievery 10 months back. ihad periods only once after 8 months and then it stopped. I am also lactating my baby. I have not taken any medicine


KM - January 18

It can take up to 13 wks to get ur period,and even over a year if you are b___stfeeding.


jackie - April 12

i have a question my baby is 2weeks old can i start b___stfeeding now


Joy - April 21

Yes to the lady who asked if she could start b___stfeeding her two week old. Though it could take a few days to stimulate the first let down of milk. I have heard of people b___stfeeding children and still having milk years later. People also b___stfeed children they adopt. You must simply stick with it and buy a fabulous b___st pump. It is completely normal to go up to a year without a period after having a baby, although I would advise seeing your OBGYN under any circ_mstance to rule out any changes that would not be related to the pregancy.


Joy - April 21

La Leche League is a local organization that you could contact concerning starting lactation at two weeks. They have free lactation consultants that will help you get started. They are also moms that have b___stfed before. It is a free and wonderful organization that I suggest you contact so that you won't have to go at it alone with a two week old. Good luck b___stfeeding. I b___stfed my first baby for two years and I have a four month old b___stfeeding now. I plan to continue with her. It saves so much money on formula and is so easy to not have to fool around with bottles. BUT you are confined to your baby and YOU are the only one to get up at night. The benefits outweigh the obstacles. Good luck.


Leanne - May 15

I had a normal birth almost a yr ago (my babys first birthday in 2 days) and since the birth my periods have come in on time every single month. Thats the first time in my life!!! Before the baby i was having them all over the place - sometimes id bleed for 3 weeks then nothing for 3 months! I just think pregnancy and birth affect everyone differently. Also, from friends and family of mine, ive heard it takes a good while for your body to get back to normal, and therefore your periods too.


Linda - May 25

I had my baby 2 months ago and got my periods after six weeks, I still have them after 18 days is this normal, I was always regular before?


pragti - September 14

i had my ceaser baby 4 months back. after that i had my periods in july.till date my periods didnt come. what to do? i've severe pain in my back and shoulders. feeling very tired. please help. my baby is on b___st feed


Charul - September 15

I had my baby in Dec '04... got my 1st period (after 7 months) in July, another in Aug.... haven't got the one in Sep.... is that normal? Pregnancy test was negative....


Bellshorty1 - October 20

I had my baby through normal delivery 2 months ago and when i started my peiord which will be 2 weeks today i'm still bleeding is it normal for your peiord to last for a couple of weeks its like oneday i will bleed a little and then the next day i want bleed at all i dont understand?



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