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Lindsey - November 13

Hi, I'm 22 and 22 weeks preg, I just found out I 'may' have complications that could result in a preemie csec delivery. My question is how different is this experience for a younger mother who is small in size (very athletic) and a premature infant? My friend also had this happen to her (baby born at 2 lbs) and was up the next day like nothing happened, with the smallest scar Ive ever seen. Anyone else small/young with preemie have any experiences to share?


hi - November 13

Can I ask what complications you "could" have? I haven't ever heard of this-do you mean that your pelvic is too small for birth? Or are you under weight? I don't understand?


Maisy - November 13

Many very pet_te moms deliver v____ally just fine...for example Indian women from India and Pakastani women who have VERY small frames. If you have good care you may not need to worry at all. What neccesitates the c-section as well as how big the baby is has a lot to do with the size and location of the scar. Most women are not up the next day "like nothing happened". Since you are athletic, cutting portions of your abdomen may in fact be more painful...but you haven't gotten to that stage yet. Take care, the biggest worry you should have is trying to avoid a premature infant as much as possible. Good luck.


lindsey - November 13

IUGR, not my pelvic size. The baby is not doing well and the placenta is tearing away with blood clots and other kinds of mess, so there is little they can do to fix the problem and if it gets worse I will have to have a cesarean and a very premature baby. This has nothing to do with my size, I'm sure if this was going better I could deliver v____ally. I am just scared of a cesarean and all I read on them is how terrible they are, but my only friend who got one was very small like me and her infant about the same size (unless I can go longer) and she seemed to bounce back like no other stories I've heard, I was just wondering if it were because of her size and the tiny baby. I a__sume being underweight myself would cause me a bit less pain than someone who had a lot more tissue to be cut through, stapled and healed, and maybe they can make a smaller incision when the baby is not 7 8 or 9 lbs. They are watching me closely right now, but there's a chance I'll have to go in soon, my baby is not doing well, she's only 24 weeks ( from date of last period, 22 from conception) , and small for that due to IUGR. This is very scary.


Maisy - November 14

In our OR the incision size can vary a small amount but generally, the surgeon still needs enough of a cut to view the internal structures and to put the bladder blades in place, and to get his hands/ fingers in there to grab baby. Also, the placenta is manually removed by the surgeon so enough room must be allowed for that also. We will be anxious to see how you do, and good thoughts going your way. My comments about the other pet_te mothers were in response to your description of yourself. Threatened abruption is a terrifying ordeal, I wish you Godspeed and love. Best wishes to you and your precious little girl!!!!!


Lindsey - November 15

Hi Maisy, you work in a hospital? I can't find information on something, maybe you can answer for me. I read on a csec info site that the stomach muscles are pushed aside, and other places that they are cut. Which is it?


marcie - November 15

Lindsey.I know its easy to say,but your comment on sections just hearing the bad cases are not always true.I have spoken many times about my births,the 1st was natural and the pain was horrendous,I had the 2nd by elective section,nothing wrong,no reason why I could not have had the baby normally,but no way was I having that again,the birth in contrast for me was much better,no labour,and the recovery not asd bad as some people told me.An elective cesarean is better than an emergency.



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