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melissab - January 12

i found out at my scan that the placenta is still too low for a natural birth and i need a c-section, what are they going to do to me and is it going to hurt worse than having a baby natural


Jbear - January 13

I've had two c-sections. This is what you can probably expect: They'll do the c-section a week or two early because they can't risk you going into labor. You'll be given an appointment at the hospital. You show up, do the paperwork, change into a hospital gown, and they put in an iv. Then they ask a bunch of questions and give you an antacid to drink so you won't vomit during surgery (drink it fast, try not to taste it). After that it's time for the surgery. When you go into the operating room, they will start the anesthesia. It's either a spinal or an epidural. Either one is done through your spine. They spray something on your back to numb it first. Once the anesthesia is working, they will insert a catheter, to keep your bladder out of the way and empty during the surgery. The incision will be made right above your pubic hair and below your stomach, where your body creases naturally. (depending on the exact location of your placenta, the incision may be in a different place--you can ask your doctor about that) During the operation, you will feel pressure and tugging, but no pain. Once the baby is born, he or she will be wrapped in blankets and brought over for you to see. If your husband is there, he may be allowed to hold the baby. The incision on the inside will be closed with st_tches, and the incision in the skin will be closed with staples or st_tches, another thing to ask your doctor about if you have a preference (I had staples and the scar healed well). You will be taken to a recovery area for a while after the operation, and then to a room. Your hospital stay will probably be three or four days, which sounds bad, but really isn't, if you're a first-time mom...the nurses will be teaching you stuff about caring for your baby, bathing, feeding, diapering, etc, and when you go home you'll have the confidence of having practiced with baby while you had help available. You may be given pitocin after the surgery, to help your uterus contract and start returning to its normal size. This will cause cramps like a period, but they are necessary. You'll be bleeding v____ally, a little heavier than a period. Until you can get up, the nurses will be changing the pads for you. The catheter stays in until you're able to get out of bed, or possibly a little longer. You will probably have gas pains...ask the nurses for gas medicine, it really helps, and you will be given painkillers too...they are safe for baby if you're b___stfeeding. The incision will be most uncomfortable when you're changing position. It will hurt when you laugh or cough, holding a pillow against it when you do either one will help. If you have staples, they'll probably be taken out before you leave the hospital (ask for your pain meds first, sometimes it hurts a bit). It will take you a few weeks to feel better, but keep in mind that in your case, the c-section is a life-saving operation. Also, not every v____al birth goes smoothly...see the thread "c-section after 3rd degree tear" in this topic, and you'll read things that make you feel better about having the c-section. Good luck, and congratulations on your baby!


Kel - January 13

Jbear - thanks for the explanation. I am hoping for a natual birth but always wondered what exactly happend with a C section and your explanation was GREAT!! Thank for the information - it was really helpful!



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