Planned C Section

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Rhonda - October 14

i am 18wks preg and i had a c-section 8mos ago due to the babies head being to big and my doc told me i have to have a repeat so scared how different is a emergency c-section from a repeat c-section?


Ca__sie - October 15

This was from an article written in February 2004 - In a study of 318 women presented last year at the American Urological a__sociation's annual meeting, researchers reported that 4 percent of women who had elective C-sections suffered from incontinence 12 months later. But 14 percent of those who had C-sections after a prolonged delivery experienced such problems, as did 12 percent of women who delivered v____ally. That is the end of portion from article. So, in general, it seems that elective or planned c-sections (even though they carry the risks of the surgery) may not cause the same trauma to a woman's body which an emergency c-section after a prolonged labour can. As well, there is controversy about VBACs. Some doctors will attempt a VBAC and some will not. Where you have already had one c-section (an emergency one) maybe your doctor feels it is too risky to try for a VBAC and that is why your doc told you you have to have a repeat c-section. There is no guarantee that a VBAC will be successful and if you have to have another emerg. section it will be harder on your body and riskier to both you and the baby than if you just opted for the repeat. Hope I did not ramble too much.


Rhonda - October 15

Ca__sie,no you didnt ramble to much.actually you helped me out.all my kids i had each one was bigger than the one last one was 8lbs 1oz so this one may be even larger huh?


Jbear - October 16

I had an emergency c-section with my first baby, after they tried to induce for a day and a half and I didn't dialate at all. I felt exhausted and all torn up afterwards, and also like I'd been cheated of the normal birth experience. I had my second daughter by planned c-section two months ago. It was great...I went to the hospital at 8am and by noon my husband was holding our baby. I knew what was going to happen and what the recovery would be like, so there were no nasty surprises. It even seemed like I recovered more quickly.


djh - October 16

Rhonda, you have already had v____al births? If you have, then your doctor really shouldn't be telling you that you aren't a candidate for a v-bac unless something changed drastically with you or you had a vertical cut. I think with careful monitoring you would do fine. Unless they can gaurantee that your baby is really big, I think you should ask for more discussion. Planned c/s's can be a bit easier to recover from, but they will still form the same amount of scar tissue and from experience, the problems with internal scar tissue stink big time!!! Anyhow, if you can't have a VBAC your recovery can be a bit easier, but there are no guarantees. Good luck and let us know.


Rhonda - October 16

Thanks Jbear and djh,i had all my kids v____aly except for my last obgyn said since my pregnancies were close together he is going to a repeat c-section he didnt give me the option of a vbac.i recovered real good from my c-section and this pregnancy is doing good so far and also my fiancee wants me to have another c-section he is worried my uterus or my previous scar might rupture.maybe im being selfish but i just am unhappy about another c-section i feel like im being cheated i dont get to wait the excitement of starting labor and doing natural child birth but at the same time i dont have to worry about going through labor and then haveing to have a c-section on top of it like last time and i dont have to worry about gigantic hemmorids i guess.but the more i think about another c-section i get sad last c-section was a bikini cut.but i will let you know how everything goes.i get my big ultrasound this next thursday im excited about guys seem really sweet(thanks)


djh - October 17

Rhonda, thanks for caring what we think and trusting us to give you some advice. You are actually not being selfish, just nostalgic. There was something magical about that first sign of labor...the mystery, the hope, the " this it?..." but you have had that and I consider you most lucky! Your c-section must have been for a good reason since you had previously delivered v____ally so you are in a great position to really trust your doctor. Know what I mean? There are many women out there who are still wondering what happened and if they could have delivered v____ally. Now, those are real risks, so your fiance sounds like he really cares for you and is ready to support you after the birth. I am sure this one will be easier if only for the fact that you won't have labor first. You obviously are not a selfish person, you are willing to bring this new little life into the world via a method you don't really wish to, so I'd say you're a stand-up girl. Be happy with your growing baby and take comfort in the fact that your doctor and you are going to do what's best for your uterus and your baby in your particular situation. I will check back soon to see how you are doing, ok? Thanks for the compliment for JBear and me, you sound very sweet too.


Rhonda - October 17

djh i will keep you informed on how things are seem to have a smart head on your shoulders.the things you told me make since.and i guess i should try to just focus on having a healthy baby instead of dewelling on not getting to get a chance on having a vbac.and i will let you know what the baby will be.i find out thursday.and thanks.



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