Planned C Section Stitches Or Staples

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nichole - May 9

I have always had a preconceived notion that it's better to have 'st_tches' for my c-section rather than 'staples' due to the fact they have to be removed a few days after surgery (i.e. more pain!). I've also 'assumed' that only larger women were required to have staples instead of st_tches (due to reading on the internet, forums, etc). I'm having a planned C-section (I'm 30 weeks now) at 38 weeks and I really want st_tches -NOT STAPLES. I just found out that my dr gives EVERY c-section patient staples. I am not that big & feel that dissolvable st_tches would be easier to recover from, rather than having metal staples removed from the tender incision area a few days after surgery. Does anyone have any personal experiences to share on this topic, AND doesn't it seem easier to get st_tches instead? I have a VERY low pain tolerance!!! (Also can I request to have my catheter put in AFTER my epidural, rather than BEFORE my epidural?) Thanks for your input!


Kathrine - May 9

I personally have had staples with both of my c-sections and they aren't bad or painful. The only thing I found uncomfortable is after about a week they feel like there pinching you just a little. Nothing major. I feel that staples would hold you together better.(Even though i'm sure st_tches just fine) I am not one who can handle pain either and really staples aren't bad. When they remove them it's nothing. I was scared to death the first time and when the nurse was done removing them I was like wow that was it. So from someone who can't handle pain either they really ain't nothing. I also you can have your cathetar put in after your epidural. I did. I was worried about that too.


Jbear - May 10

I had staples and they didn't hurt. They were removed 3 days after the surgery, and I didn't feel them being removed. I also had a scar from the incision, but not from the staples. They put steri-strips on the incision after the staples were removed, but they all fell off within a day or two. I'm still numb on my belly above the incision, and it's been three years. Oh, and your doctor would be using dissolvable stiches on the interior layers, and staples only on the outside. The catheter didn't hurt at all either, and it was inserted a couple of days before the c-section. Be glad you're having a planned c-section, because what does hurt is when they check to see if you're dialated, or try to break your water by hand.


chel - May 10

I've had both st_tches and staples. I actually preferred the st_tches. The staples do pinch just a bit when they take them out. However, my scar was smaller with the staples that the st_tches. I had steri-strips put over the wound with both. Also, I am a very pet_te person, so I don't think that had anything to do with which one they use. I believe it's the doctor's personal preference. Btw, the catheter is the easiest part. It does not hurt to have it put in, and you won't even feel it when they take it out.


Renea - May 12

I have had 3 c-sections. I am not a big person, and I have had staples with all 3. With my last one (different doctor), he took the staples out after a week and put the tape over it just to help keep it together. Taking out the staples doesn't hurt-slight pinches with a few, but otherwise not bad. They can be uncomfortable though while you are healing-definately felt much better once they were out!! Also, you can get the catheter put in after the epidural-I did with all of mine. The last time, my nurse asked me in advance. They don't mind doing it after, but she said it can make you feel more uncomforable being that you are on the table in front of everyone getting one in, rather than in the privacy of a room having one inserted. I figured, I am already being exposed, what the heck do I care if they see a catheter go in-they are seeing everything else!!


lisa - May 13

STICHES,STICHES,STICHES just had a c-section in feb. and dr used staples, i ended up with my c-section opening and because of the staples it made it so painful, i was unable to even stand up without help. i am told staples are the easy way for the dr. go with the stiches, insist stiches


lilmum - May 15

What?? I had staples with my c-sec and they were removed less than 24hrs after surgery. I couldn't feel them even being removed because my entire abdomen was numb for MONTHS. Nothing opened up and there are NO scars from where the staples were. I had st_tches internally that dissolved, and those were HORRIBLE! every time one of them broke, I felt the POP they made and the area was sore for a week.


lilmum - May 15

and i am a tiny person. i fit into most of my old clothes (size 5) when i left the hospital.


Jill - May 19

I had staples and I would rather have them over st_tches. I feel more comfortable knowing that there's no questions about the ability to hold me together. And taking them out was nothing, I only felt the doctor take one out and that was just because there was a hair stuck in it, and it only pinched a little. I didn't even realize when the doctor was done, because I didn't feel the rest of them. I came out of the hospital with 26 staples and had them taken out a week later with no problems. And size doesn't matter. And the incision won't be tender, it will be numb. I'm almost two years out and I still can't feel my scar at all.


Crystal - June 7

The staples arent that bad.. I had a c section with my son, i am currently 33wks and i am having a planned c section at 38wks and i would prefer staples over st_tches.. Staples arent painful when they take them out and they are very small, smaller than staples used in paper.. A good friend of mine had st_tches and she got a very bad infection, because her incision did not close all the way.. I would go with staples, i was up walking around the next day after i had my son..


Misty - June 8

I've had both. I like st_tches better. When I had the staples I did not know you can tell them the one you want. It may depend on the Doc. to. My first c-section was not planned so I got my catheter put in before my epidural. It hurt. My second was planned and the catheter put in after so much better.


Jeanne - June 10

I had a c-section a little over 5 years ago. I was not that big either and they put in staples instead of stiches. They pinched for the few days but the pain was not untolerable. I remember taking a shower a few hours after delivery and washing my staples. They seem like they are "mean" but really I prefer them instead of stiches. Stiches can get caught in fabric where my staples never did and the incision healed a lot quicker in my opinion. The doc won't take the staples out until up to 2 weeks later like stiches.


Kerry - June 10

I had a C section and they gave me staples they heal faster and It doesn't hurt to take the out at least mine didn't I felt nothing they came out 1 week after .As for the catheter the put it in usually after your spinal but if you have the right person you'll never feel it going in anyway . Staples are not just for big women I'm small and gained only 25 lbs during my pregnancy weight before was 142lbs you'll be surprised how tough you become when you give birth.Good luck


to: nichole - June 14

I have had st_tches with both of my c sections and had no problems. My scar looks really great for a double section scar. My sister in law had staples with her first c section and st_tches with her second. She overwhelmingly liked t he st_tches better.


Tarlan - June 14

HI...really do NOT worry...I know exactly how you feel...believe me..I remember one month ago when I was scheduled for my BIG SURGERY,,the C-Section and all I was worried about was those Staples and the PAIN and the catheter!! mind you these were really nothing compared to the actual NOT WORRY>>it only takes 2 minutes( seriously)...and it does not hurt at all.....and you won't even know what is happening...and STITCHES may cause severe infections and/or they may staples it is...


Karine - July 6

Hi my names Karine and i've had staples . not sticthes tho. I was so scared when the doctor said i was getting staples insted of stiches. but i couldn't feel a thing when they but them in. and i beive from reading other people story that i hope they will only be a little pinch at the end


Michelle - July 6

I had staples. It wasn't an option at all. They do not hurt when they take them out a few days later. No pain at all. So don't worry about the tolerance of pain for that reason. After the staples are removed they put strips on the incision and then they will eventually fall off. Catheter was put in after I had my epidural. Again no pain there with it going in or out. Don't worry. They will make everything as comfortable as possible for you.



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