PLEASE HELP Vertical C Section

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mommyof2angels - April 1

s there anyone that has got pregnant, in the first 2-3 months after a classical c-section? If so how did your pregnancy go? I had a classical c-section 5 weeks ago, i went into PTL at 28.3 weeks lost both of my twin boys. I am turning 30 in a few months,we have no other children, and desperately want a family. I have healed up very well from my c-section. There is a chance i could be pg and I am so scared. i have had a few symptoms, but keep telling myself its just my hormones. Would love to hear from someone who has experienced birth after an vertical c-section.


mommyof2angels - April 8

....... ANYONE??????


TAJ - April 25

First of all...I want to say how sorry I am for what happened to you. That is really terrrible. But, it's exciting that you're feeling pg again. I can't help with the vertical C-Section thing, but I've had 2 horizontal C-Sections and am pg again and my dr. has had no concerns. Ask your dr if you have any concerns, but my guess, it'll be just fine. Good luck to you!!


tummy tamer - May 5

wow- I would love to get my hands on you! I just did a book and et for c section recovery, and cla__sic cuts are so rare now....did they do one on your uterus? what you see on your skin is not necessarily what they did on your uterus- did they double st_tch the uterus- do you want to change doctors? I am confused about your question- did you lose your twins 5 weeks ago and now you think your pregnant? wow your heart must be going all over the place- You will want to wrap your tummy up for several months at end of pregnancy....get a midwife who is a RN and your doc- good luck


tummy tamer - May 5

belt for c/s recovery and late term pregnancy - typo- good luck and keep doing research- get a doctor you like who will talk with you


mommyof2angels - May 6

Yes i had the vertical cut on my uterus, my dr. said they did the double st_tching on the uterus, i feel comfortable with my present dr.. I think she tries her very best and she works closely with 3 other Gynaecologist. All though I would like a second opinion from another dr. that does not work as close with my dr. But I am having a hard time getting to see one as I need a referral and I need to got to my GP to get it. I am very curios about the belt you are talking about. would love more info about it, what exactly does it do? and how does it work?


pregnantjackie - May 9

I had no idea they still did the vertical sections...I would recommend getting a second opinion. I am so sorry for your loss. I can't help but I wanted to express my condolenses...


BettyBoop72 - June 21

I am sorry to hear about your loss. I too lost my two babies four weeks ago. They were born at 25 wks. My husband and I are anxious to TTC but I had a cla__sical c-section as well. Does anyone know how long to wait to TTC after a cla__sical/vertical c-section?


mommamare - June 27

I am so sorry for your loss and I pray for you. Although I did not have a vertical c-section, I had two horizontal c-sections and gained about 90 pounds with each one and my scar was not affected during my pregnancy (i.e. did not open up while stretching). Here is what I have heard and read over the years about the cla__sic c-section, which my mom had with me many years can get pregnant again and have a normal pregnancy, but you will NOT be able to give birth v____ally for you could rupture your uterus from the scar. You can however have a VBAC if you had a horizontal c-section because the incision is much smaller and very low in the pubic area, so chances of rupture are slim. I hope this helps and good luck to you!!! Baby Dust:)))



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