Please Tell Me Whats SOOOO Easy

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HA!!! - November 1

Just wanted to know what it is that is soooo easy about having a C-section???? Everyone says its the easy way out-but for some it is a long road of recovery and not at all easy. Seems like everyone forgets those who have to have them. I would have loved to have labored for hours and hours, dilate, and push out the baby and be "all smiles" after!!! Nope, labored for 3 days-contractions one on top of another and didn't get past 4 cm. So who had it easy?????


KFish - November 1

It is not easy. I labored for 48 hours after I was induced and my water broke. I never went past 2cm. There were contractions but I guess there were not that strong because I could see them on a monitor but I did not feel them. I still have pain where the scar area. It makes me sick that some are having "elective c-sections" because they are afraid of pain of child birth and the believe it is easy. Brittney Spears is a bad role model for young women.


djh - November 1

I agree, nothing easy about them at all. Especially if you REALLY need one.


amy p - November 1

had 2 not easy...would loved to have pushed em out...but not an option


Frances - November 1

After being in labour for 49 hours plus an additional three hours that I was pushing and still no baby, I ended up having a c-section. After 52 hours of agony, I just wanted it over with. A c-section sounded pretty good to me at that point. But the recovery from the whole thing after the doctors let me go for that long was excrutiating as you can imagine. My body went through hell for 52 hours before I got the c-section. Unfortunately, this scenario ends up happening to a lot of women and while I did not understand or agree with it before, I do understand why a woman may just want an elective c-section. My body was put through two traumas. Future babies for me will be by elective c-section also.


marcie - November 2

I have had two births,the 1st was a horrendous natural birth.I was in labour for ages,the epidural did not take,felt dead on one leg,but my legs felt as though they were being ripped apart.I swore I would never forget this birth.I was sore afterwards too.I disagree wholeheartily with KFish.It should be a womens choice in this day and age.After all its the women who has to go through some sort of pain,so if an operation is something she feels more comfortable then so be it.The 2nd baby I said I would never have,so long as I had a c-section.I was able,and it was such a relief,knowing that everything was planned,more relaxed although anxious on the day of the operation.Afterwards the nurses were wonderful,and helped me get out of bed that 1st time.There was no comparra__sion at all for me between the two.The 1st was a pain I struggled to cope with,like nothing I have ever experienced.The 2nd was more tolerable,and instead of intensifying,got less and less.I had pain medication which helped,and was more delighted with this planned birth than the other.If Britney Spears,Madonna,etc etc decide then thats the way they want to deliever babies then thats up to them.I am more opposed to women who cannot bring their kids up properly,than those who choose how they enter this world.


Shelby - November 2

Why did any of your doctors let you labor that long? Was is true labor for all those hours? I mean sometimes you are having contractions but they are not a true labor pattern...but since my c-sections were all painful, not just the first one, I still get very angry when people say it's easy, it certainly is not!


Ha!!! - November 2

Because the first time is the longest so they say. My contractions where 1 minute apart-it was true labor-just never progressed and you can only take so much before you're a complete blob of exhaustion!! And knowing that it was getting me nowhere was the worst!!!


APPLE - November 2

I had a c-section after 12 hours of labor and i agree there is nothing easy about that i was in the room with a women who pushed her baby out and she was walking the halls smiling i was lyeing in bed could not move in so much pain i didn't even want to hold my baby. the pain was to much the first day, then when i went home i need help, my husband had to work and my parents could not come intill a week after so i was alone in pain and it was not a good expreince yet i was forced into it. so there is nothing easy about a c-section and the scar will be there forever which i don't mind because its a reminder of my beautiful baby girl and she is priceless i would do it again but next baby i am going to try to have naturally


TC - November 2

I labored for 22 hrs, got to 8cm and had to have a c-section. Nothing easy about that indeed. The woman in the bed next to me that gave birth v____ally was up carrying her baby all around. I on the other hand looked like I needed someone to carry ME all around. When I was released from the hospital 4 days later I looked like they should have kept me. Oh and the ride home was pain. You would not believe how many manholes NYC has until you have had abdominal surgery.


Trinket - November 2

Most women will not be up walking the halls and smiling or walking around their hospital rooms right after having a v____al delivery especially if it was their first baby and they laboured for hours and/or had tears or episiotomies which is the case for a lot of first time moms. Some women are indeed up walking around right away after having their second, third, babies v____ally, etc. if there were no complications. I had my first baby v____ally on a Tuesday after 16 hours of labour, had a third degree tear and was supposed to be released from the hospital on Saturday. They did not release me until Sunday because I had too much healing to do and the last thing that I was able to do was walk the halls with my baby. And the stuff at home wasn't any fun either. I developed an infection down there after I was home. Nothing easy there either.


APPLE - November 2

no one said that v____ally was easy, my best friend had her child v____ally and had a very hard time, but after she was fine this is not a debate on which is harder child birth no matter what way is hard work yet this is for women who delivered vagianlly and call the c-section the easy way out i have heard that so many times and its so untrue.


Maisy - November 2

To Trinket, no one on this forum said v____al was easy, but those who had necessary c-sections are getting tired of hearing how "easy" they had it. It is offensive and counter-productive to say that to any mother after delivery...who on Earth decides this in the first place. I have seen just about every possible birth outcome and I certainly would never tell a c-section mother she just got off lucky.



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