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punky_jen - December 14

dones being plus size affect your chance of getting an infection? i had a c section with my 1st child, and will prob need another with this one too, i had a very nasty infection with my 1st c section, and was wondering if if might of been because of having a chibby belly lol, any one had the same kind of experience? what did you do? xx


Tracy - December 14

If you have skin that will hang over your incision, yes it does increase your chances. Be sure you clean the area often, and when you get out of the bath or shower, hold the skin up, and use a hair dryer to dry the area, so wet skin is not sitting in it. Wounds have to breathe.


punky_jen - December 14

thanks, i tried to do that as often as i could before, but i didnt have much chance as i was on my own with my lil one, but now im not a single mom anymore it should be ok :)


jen - December 14

also, would staples or stiches be better for a plus size woman?


Kelly K - December 14

What will also help is put a maxi pad over the area to help keep any sweat from building up. I'm overweight and had no problems with my section. I was healed up in a week or so and had very little pain. My doc said that st_tches are better when you're overweight cause staples pull and tug too much.


Jbear - December 15

I'm fairly large (around 270 after each of my c-sections) and I never had trouble with infection. Kelly K is right about the maxi pad...that's the best thing to do with those wimpy little pads the hospital provides. I had staples for both of mine. The first time it was big staples, which were not comfortable, but the second time the staples used were very small. I've healed up with no visible scar. I also wore tight control underpants after my second c-section. It really seemed to minimize the discomfort of getting out of bed, and of laughing or coughing.


jen - December 15

ok this might seem silly but what is a maxi pad? is it an american word? do you mean something like a sanitary towel?


Jbear - December 15

Yes, it's an american word...must be the same thing though. Use the unscented kind.


jen - December 15

wow you guys get sented sanitary towels? we dont have them here. yeah i used them before on my wound, didnt help much tho.


amyp - December 18

Jen- i am large myself and i didnt have trouble with either one of my c (i ve had 2) as long s you are very careful to keep it dry thats all that matters i think...good luck


jen - December 19

amyp how did you keep it dry all the time? How many times a day should u wash it? xx


AmyB - December 19

i washed it like normal but i made sure to pat it dry with gauze or something and after you take a shower lay on the bed or something and let it air out..


amyp - December 19

when is your c jen?


Jbear - December 19

To keep mine dry, I would lay down on the bed a couple of times a day and let a fan b__w on it. I've heard of using a hair dryer on it too.


jen - December 20

i got a long time till my c section, im only 7 /8 weeks along, but jus curious, because i really really dont want to get another infection in it. ok im gona wash it 2 to 3 times a day and keep it as dry as possible. thanks for your help x


kuhaaica - January 17

i couldnt really say if being overweight increases your chances, i had a section and got an infection in the scar even when i did keep it very clean and i am not over weight even in the slightest. It has to do with bacteria that is present when the wound is first dressed at the hospital and grows from there. Having to have another section i am going to take the dressing off and use antibacterial soap and iodine to clean the wound 4 - 5 times daily this time as the scar is worse once you have an infection.


kuhaaica - January 17

i personally dont use maxi pads at all, but there is nothing good about the scented ones so dont get too excited, they are not healthy for you.



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