Possibly Breech Baby

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Isabel - August 12

I am 36 weeks pregnant and my baby is breech. All my other 3 children were born va___ally. I was 8 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. I was also at my worst drinking stage. I have been sober since.Is it possible that there is something abnormal with her(baby)? They have run all different kinds of tests and everything has come out okay, but you never know, so my question is why is this baby breech?


Becky - July 8

Being breech doesn't mean there is any problem with the baby, it's just the way she is turned in your uterus. My first baby was breech and although that meant I had to have a c-section, there were no other complications. She is a perfectly healthy 3-year-old now.


Laura-jayne - August 12

I agree with Becky, im 36 weeks this week as well, and i knew before i had my scan that my son is lying bottom first. i'm a little concerned because my consultant wants to attempt to turn my baby. I've heard that this can be painful for me and painful and dangerous for my baby's life could you help me on this Becky?!!!!


Lianne - October 29

Im 33 weeks pregnant and my baby is breech, but I have been a__sured that the baby can and will turn before birth and this can even happen whilst in labour - so just go with the flow, good luck


jackie - November 12

breech babys can turn anywhere from 37-39 weeks pregnant. with my last daughter i went to the midwife 3 weeks before my due date and the baby was lying head down, i went back at 39 weeks and she was breech so the baby can move itself round.


Jenny L - November 15

I had 2 C-sections already because my babies (now 9 and 7) were both transverse breech (side-ways). The doctor attempted to turn the baby around, but was unsuccesful and yes, it was painful! I had a c-section and the doctor told me good thing he couldn't turn the baby around because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck TWICE and he would have strangle her if he was successful. Second pregnancy, again the doctor wanted to attempt to turn him around. I said "why bother??? It doesn't work", but he was persistant and again it hurt! and didn't work. I am now pregnant again and so far every single ultrasound I have (4 so far), this baby is always stretched out as if lying on a lounge chair sipping margueritas, so I have a feeling he will be breech too. But, it's an automatic c-section w/ this one since I already done it twice.


kim aerley - December 22

maby its not becoues of the drinking but probable becoues of partying or dancing caousing the baby to breech becoues of all the pressure



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