Pregnancy After Cesarean Section

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Aliyah - February 16

I just gave birth to my daughter 5 months ago. I had c-section due to the breech condition of my baby. Now, I'm pregnant again, 5 weeks. I heard a lots of stories that I need at least 9 months to recover back or else I may face higher risk during labour. Now I'm feeling confused, whether to be happy or sad to have a 2nd baby.


angela - February 16

I had a c sec with my first son, and wanted another child right away, my doctor told me to wait six months and that everything would be ok. I got pregnant exactly six months later and had a very healthy child!!


amanda - February 16

aliyah, i had c sec with my first son then fell pregnant again when he was 3months old. I had another c sec and im sitting here 1 1/2 yrs later very healthy and so are my boys. enjoy, everything will be fine. congrats.


Tracy - February 21

I had a c sec with stillbirth and wanted another baby desperatly, but my doc advise to wait for 1 year before having getting pregnant again or there will be a risks of uterine rupture. Now, i'm also confused as you are. If i really get pregnant after 6 months, will i be able to deliver VBAC.


amanda - February 23

tracey, my doctor explained that having both pregnancys so close together there is a higher risk of another c-sec, as the pushing of natural birth can cause hemoraging. my babys weight was monitored through out pregnancy, which determined another sorry to hear of your loss, hope all goes well next time around.


Flaky - March 11

I had cs on 25 january 05 and my baby died the next day. i came here to find answers too, though my doctor says ic oulw od try again at 6 months. I hope more people respond so one can really get a fair view of what to expect


Michelle - March 15

I had a c-section November 11, 2004 and my daughter died at 3 weeks. I, too asked when I could try again and my dr. told me 6 months minimum, but 1 year is best. Good luck!


Bethany - March 23

I had a cesarean section with stillbirth when can I get pregnant again? I so deperately want a child. What are my risks or the babies if I don't wait six months?


Lori - March 24

My doctor told me to wait six months as well. For all of you who have lost your babies, my prayers are with you and your angels.


Brandis Ma__sey - March 30

I to delivered a stillborn baby boy on March 16th by c-sec. He was my second child by c-sec. I too desperatly want another child. Should I wait 1yr since it was my second c-sec???


Heather - March 30

Be happy!! Congratulations! You will be fine. You may have another c-section, but who cares? You will have another baby!!!


nicole - April 1

I had a c section in november of 2003 i have found out I am almost 3 weeks now and I have been having pains around the scare inside and out is this normal?


Gretchen - April 7

I delivered a baby girl on February 15, 2005, she pa__sed away two days later. I spoke with my doctor about when my husband and I could begin to try to get pregnant again and she said she would like me to wait one year. That seems like forever and basically impossible. If we wait for only 6 mos., are we at risk for going through this again?


Jason - April 13

We gave birth to a baby boy on 1st April and am also wondering when we can try again. We were advised by the hospital doctors to wait atleast 6 months before trying again. We were going to try again very soon as we had trouble falling pregnant for this one. It seems the general rule is 6 months after C-section.


julie - April 17

I gave birth to my son Thomas on Jan. 14th, 2005. He died 8 days later. One doctor said 6 mos. was best to wait, but another doctor said 3 mos. would be ok if I ate healthy and had my pre-natal checkups, so we are presently trying again! Good luck. Be happy!:)


carler - April 19

I have had 4 c-sections. The last two were exactly a year and 17 days apart. I am pregnant now again after 11 months from the last c-section. Can this be dangerous?


Barb - April 25

I gave birth on 6th Feb '05 and planning to have another one soon. However according to my OB, I have to wait for a year and told me it will take 3 months for the internal wound to recover. Aliyah, sometimes it's hard to plan our pregnancy, it is up to HIM and all you need to do is PRAY for safe delivery.We PLAN but the ONE ABOVE decides.



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