Pregnancy After Cesarean Section

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Barb - April 25

I gave birth on 6th Feb '05 and planning to have another one soon. However according to my OB, I have to wait for a year and told me it will take 3 months for the internal wound to recover. Aliyah, sometimes it's hard to plan our pregnancy, it is up to HIM and all you need to do is PRAY for safe delivery.We PLAN but the ONE ABOVE decides.


BELINDA - April 27

things will be ok. be glad to have another baby. they are miracles from god i cherish all three of mine we want another one but just scared because the doc told me only 3 csection he recommends and this will be my third c section if i get preg again. i have also had one tubal pregnancy and that scared me afraid i might have another what do you all think i am 33 years old


Analisa - April 28

I had a C sec with my second baby, I got pregnat 1 1/2 years later and I tried to deliver VBAC, my uterus broke in the same place where my C section was performed. My little Adriana suffered a lot and she died 2 days later on march 16th. I know the odds are very rare, but try to get as much information as you can before deciding to get a VBAC. Best of luck.


liss - May 2

i haven got my period for 5 months but my belly hasnt got much bigger... im just a bit bloated. am i pregnate?


Amber - May 11

I have the same problem as you, Aliyah. My son is four and half months old and I'm a month pregnant. My entire family is fearful of my health and don't think it's a good idea to go through the pregnancy. I talked to a doctor today. He said I should be fine. I'm sure we will be but it's scary, isn't it?


Michelle - May 11

I wouldn't worry too much - be happy and let God and the doctors take care of the rest! Best Wishes!


Tracy - May 12

Julie, sorry to hear that, my stillbirth is oso deliver in Thomson, i had lots of question, is it possible that u could reply me through my e-mail : [email protected]


joy - May 24

I just had my second c-section and unfortunately lost my twins due to pprom and an infection, but the doctor said I can try again next year to be safe. I am 36 now and would rather try again after 6 months or so, but I may wait a year just to be safer and reduce my chances of having a placental rupture, I don't want anything to go wrong next time- but of course with childbirth as I have learned there are no guarantees.


Andrea - May 29

My heart and prayers go out to all of you who have experienced the loss of your newborns...I can't imagine what that's like. I am due at the end of June, my first child, and due to low-lying placenta I may be looking at a c-section. I have heard that you should wait 6 months before trying again. My fear is uterine rupture of a second baby if I try too soon. Aliyah, it sounds like you should be ok, be happy that you have been given another miracle. Good luck to all of you who are trying again!


Agi - May 30

I had a c section last August. I was told to wait for 12 months before trying for another baby.Take care.


Sandy - June 1

I guess I am the only one that heard that you should wait at least 18 months for any pregnancy v____al or c-section in order to allow the body to fully recooperate. I was so angry about have a c-section 15 months ago, but I thank God for all his blessings and for giving us a healthy baby girl. My prayers are w/ all of you who lost your angels but we know they are looking down on you. And to all the mommies to be good luck!


Becky - June 21

I lost my baby Logan 2-16-05 one week before my due date when he tied his chord in a knot. I then had a c-section. My heartbreak has been so great I could not wait to get pregnant again. I am 5 weeks pregnant and have researched the internet like crazy on the issue of how long to wait before getting pregnant after a c-section. I read that old school thought was to wait a year. The new school of thought I read is that you should be healed enough after 3 months if you had no complications with the c-section and recovered normally. Be happy, feel as blesses as you are.


tracy - June 21

Dear Becky, at least u know what happen, mine is still unknown, my stillbirth is on 02/03/2005 just before my hubby birthday on 02/04/2005 and my baby girl is about 37 wks. congratulation to u, i am still trying hard to get pregnant, dun worry, my new gynae said so, can conceive after 3 months. Must take good care of yourself and monitor your baby closely.


Michele - June 22

I lost my bueatiful angel 30 hours after he was born. That was October 23. I asked my doc when we could try again and he said to wait at least 3 months. So I did and I am now 5 months pregnant. We are expecting a girl. I just pray that everthing goes good with this one. Congragulations on being pregnant. And to all that have lost a child my prayers are with you I know how you feel!!


Becky - June 22

Thanks for the responses and encouragement. I am so touched to see that I am not alone in my anxiety and fears........good luck Michele and Tracy. I realize we don't know each other, but I am praying for you both. Do you think though if you get pregnant less than a year after a c-section that you should go ahead and plan a scheduled c-section? I think that is what I'll end up doing.


Tracy - June 22

thank's becky and michele, ya loh, my gynae told me that too, he said need to c-section 1 mth before the due date........



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