Pregnancy Too Soon After C Section

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Carleen - February 18

My best friend just had her 2nd child by c-section in early november 2004. She had tried for a VBAC but her progression stopped. They gave her an epidural and pit but still nothing. She began having excrutiating pains even thru her epidural. She was rushed into the OR and found her old incision was rupturing. She now finds herself pregnant again and is scared to death. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this???


Dora - February 25

I am no doctor and I have not given birth yet (I am in the fifth month), but I have discussed the issue of childbirth after cesarean, because of personal concern (most likely I will have to have a c-section because of my high-risk pregnancy and I wondered how I could face labour if a second child were to be born soon after this one). My doctor simply said that in those cases it is quite usual to elect to have a c-section again, without even giving a chance to v____al delivery, so as to avoid any stress that may cause rupture. Τell your friend to talk to an experienced ob-gyn and she will soon find her worries will be dissolved and she will enjoy her pregnancy. All the best!


Denisse - March 6

I have 22 years old and y had my baby by c-section ,she is 9 months I am pregnant again and I'm worry for my baby safety I don't know what to do do you think is to soon ?


jenny - March 6

I had a c-section and was pregnant again 4 mths later and had that baby c-section also and everything worked out fine!!


Tanya - April 7

I too got pregnant 4 months after my c-section. My doc said by the time my uterus expands (at 12 weeks) more than enough time has elapsed for the incision to heal. He anticipates no problems with this pregnancy at all. Hope this helps!


BETH - April 12



Mandi - May 29

If another pregnancy occurs a c esction will have to be done for the safety of mother and child, a uterine rupture would mean severe medical problems for child and mother even death.


gemma - June 9

my first baby was born november 19th 2004, by emergancy c-section, im now 7 weeks pregnant and was worried that my scar may rupture, but the dr said this is very un common and that mopre or likely i will be able to deliver normally, im still un sure wether to plan a c section anyway as i am scared i have gotten pregnant to soon for my scar to cope .


Kayla - June 25

I had an emergency c-section due to my babies having twin to twin and am now pregnant again ( 3 months after twins were born) Due to the size and type of incision I will not be a canadiate for a VBAC. Your risk of rupture can depend on the way the c section was done so it is best to ask and expereinced Doctor if there is any concern


megan clancy - July 7

I don't have any experience with uterine rupture but I can say that I am on my 3rd pregnancy with a scheduled c-section. My first-almost 7 years ago was an emergency and the second being planned-just over 2 years ago. I must say that my doctor with the second birth was very informative on the risks of both VBAC and planned c-section, I chose to do planned just because of the risk of uterine rupture. As far as any advise I can give your friend - there is not much to say other than when having two prior c-sections I think most doctors would agree-that there is no chance for your friend to try to deliver v____ally. Advantages?...She will know her son or daughters birthday


Mary Ellen - July 8

I have had three children by c section.all my pregnancies were just about 9 months apart and i am pregnant once again.I have given birth to all my children without infection or complication.Though VBAC's might sound like the best the end it is whatever the mother feels comfortable and safe with.


RMF - January 18

I am in a similar situation. I had 2 c-sections. During the 2nd c-section, it was discovered that my incision from the first c-sec had ruptured sometime during the pregnancy, however, it did not cause any problems. The doctor didn't recommend having another baby. However, I have just found out that I am pregnant again, which was not planned. I am terrfied as I do not want to leave my two small children without a mother. Please let me know if you find any info on this, since your friend is in a similar situation.


djh - January 18

Hi ladies, I had 4 babies in exactly 4 years, I had no choice in whether to deliver by c-section or not due to anatomy. But I must say, except for those with confirmed scar separation, I don't think you should be too worried. Keep your appointments and be very in tune with your body. My first two babies were 11 months apart, and I went into natural labor with all four, still no ruptures, but the babies did get earlier and smaller. Best wishes.


djh - January 18

Also, it was my understanding that they don't ordinarily augment labor with pitocin in a prior c-section mom during VBAC as pitocin can rupture a intact uterus as well. That may have contributed to her rupture.


Em - January 19

I am pregnant with my second after an emergency c. My kids will only be 15 months apart and I'm doing lots of research before making a decision. I have read lots of things pointing out that using labor inducing drugs during a VBAC is BAD BAD BAD!!! She should scream at her doctor! I think in the end I will decide by how things are going and what the doctors think are my chances of a successful VBAC are but if things start to go a little wrong during labor I'll tell them to GET THIS KID OUT NOW through a c section


gemma - January 20

i had a emergancy c section 14 months ago im due to have another section on the 24th of january, i decided to have a c section my self because the thought of going through all that labour then having a emergancy c section n e way is horrid, i wasnt dialiting past 5cm last time and there is a chance that could happen again so best the section i think, i plan to have more children in about 5 years time i will definatley try a vabc that time round.


Deanna - January 28

As a mother of 4 and having 4 c sections , in my personal opinion and of course docs advice it is better too wait ATLEAST 1 full year before getting pregnant again. (Of course I never planned to have 4 c sections and it was a definate concern for both myself and the doctors as having 2 sections was pushing the limit) The chances of the uterine rupturing increases with each pregnancy and healing time increases aswell after each birth. Only time will heal.



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