Pregnancy Too Soon After C Section

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Deanna - January 28

As a mother of 4 and having 4 c sections , in my personal opinion and of course docs advice it is better too wait ATLEAST 1 full year before getting pregnant again. (Of course I never planned to have 4 c sections and it was a definate concern for both myself and the doctors as having 2 sections was pushing the limit) The chances of the uterine rupturing increases with each pregnancy and healing time increases aswell after each birth. Only time will heal.


Lynne - January 30

Isn't it true that uterine rupture is only a concern when your uterus starts to contract? If that is the case, then the section would probably have to be scheduled a bit earlier. I had an emergency vertical or cla__sic cesarean. I have a high risk doctor who said that we could become pregnant after the first of the year. My son was born in August of 2005. He died in the NICU a month later. He was delivered at 25.1 weeks. My regular OB said to wait a year before pregnancy but the high risk doctor said this just isn't true. I will have a section during all future pregnancies because of how I was cut. I think this decision is and should be based on an individual basis. Your health, (smoking causes your healing to be slower), weight, etc. Just because one doctor said one thing for you doesn't mean the same would be true for others.


gemma - January 30

i had my section on the 24th i stayed awake it felt weird. my son ben was 7lb 14oz and so cute. n e how its a week later im still in alot of pain i do now regret having this section and wish i would have tried it v____ally. im not gonna even try and get pregnant again for atleat 4 to 5 years i will still only be 25 / 26 at that time so plenty of time.


EM - January 30

Gemma, thanks for sharing. I'm still going back and forth but if my pregnancy goes well and I'm in good shape at the end I'd like to try v____al. A lot depends on how the docs answer my questions on Thursday like, how fast can they be ready during a VBAC to do an emergency C, and will the team be there waiting just in case or will we have to wait for them to get to the hospital like with our first one. I hope your recovery starts to speed up...congratulations on your healthy baby boy!


Gemma - January 31

Thanks em, hope everythink goes well for you. im still in pain, if i lay down when i get up i get a very sharp pain like a stich in the right side of my belly has n e one experienced this after a section, i never had n e thin this bad with my first, pain killers rnt working.


EM - February 1

I don't remember exactly what it felt like after mine but I do know that the incision was very sensitive for a long time and I would get strong twinges along its length. Is it where your incision is or does it feel like its internal?


gemma - February 2

it did feel internal and it was on the right but higher than my scar but luckily its gone now.i just have bad back ache now.


rebecca jones - February 3

my name is rebecca jones,and i might be pregnant again; i have a 17 and half year daughter who born on august.15, 2004; my family members says that i might want to wait about four years to have another child, but i want to know is it safe to have a child just after two years after the first one?


Kim - February 5

Hi! I had my first c-section due to the fact that my son was very large(11 lbs) and my dr was worried about something called cephalopelvic dispraportion. I had my next child 14 months later, and the dr said I was a good candidate for VBAC until the baby moved transverse 1 week before my due date and didn't move back. The dr told me it wouldn't be safe at that point, so I had another C. I'm due again in May, this will be 2 1/2 years later, but the doctor says no chance for a VBAC, he says he just automatically goes by the rule "not after 2 c-sections". It may make you feel better, though, to know that my neighbor and her husband have had a baby about every year and a half since they've been married(just had number 8 last summer), and she's had a c-section every time! I've heard that uterine rupture is far more common when the old incision was made up and down instead of low and side to side. They have to do this with mulitples sometimes. Your friend should definately talk to her dr asap to help her get a better idea of what her options are.


MG - February 6

There are so many posts about VBAC and uterine rupture, if you get pg again after a c-section. People are saying that you have to wait 2 or more years to try for a VBAC, but have you ever watched 14 and Pregnant Again on the Discovery Channel? This women had a c-section, then within a year she was pg again and had a VBAC without any problems. Actually she went and had a few more children about a year apart. I also believe that she had a midwife deliver her children after a c-section.From what I read uterine rupture is very rare, all one needs is a experienced doctor who won't talk you out of it for their own reasons. I was just told that you have to ask around to different doctors because every doctor has a different opinion on how one should deliver. it is really up to what you and the doctor you choose wants to do.


Lisa - February 6

Go to This site is about women who have had 1,2,3 c-sections and then went on to have safe home births via VBAC. It is very comfortin to read these posts and to realize that you can have a VBAC even at home.


janine - February 11

i had my first c section in january 2005 and my 2nd in december 2005, i was told that due to them being so close together that there was a chance of my utrus ruptureing , the doctors just watched me more closely, and i had my second daughter 4 weeks early and everything went fine, there is only 11 months between they're birthdays, i live in the uk and maybe doctors over here do things differntly than in the usa


April - March 2

I had a c section nov of 05 and i just found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant again, my son is only 3 months and 1 week old, I have been having some abdominal pain and a continuing headache for the past 24 hours, i called the doc and they said sometimes in pregnancies so close especially with a c section that it was normal to experience those things. i was wondering if anyone had any advice. please!


miriama69 - November 30

I had my first baby at 33years old through c-section at sep 2002. August 2007 i carried my pregnancy full term unfortunately my uterus ruptured and my baby died, am recovering, my question is,approximately when is the scar most likely to heal? the doctor says that i will have early delivery by c-section again in future. has anyone had such experience? Was there any blood transfussion on the third c section. Am i at risk with future pregnancy? am desperate to try for another baby in the next 12 months and am not so keen on transfussion. Please help!


mommyof2angels - March 25

Kayla, june 25/05 I would love to know how your pregnancy went with getting pregnant so soon. I too just had twins 4 weeks ago and they did not make it due to twin to twin. My 1 Dr. told me to wait at least a year. another told me 9 months but less critical cause I will not be able to have Babies by v____al delivery due to the vertical cut in my uterus and the risk of uterus rupturing, My body heals very well and we are thinking of ttc after 3 months. I am just a__suming that you had a cla__sical cut on your uterus. Please let me know how things went for you.


Ria24 - March 27

I am just realizing that i may be pregnant again only 4 mths afer my c sec in november last baby was too big so i encountered some problems...i still have pains from time to time but i have to take my risks becauce abortions are illegal in trinidad........



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