Pregnancy Too Soon After C Section

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Ria24 - March 27

I am just realizing that i may be pregnant again only 4 mths afer my c sec in november last baby was too big so i encountered some problems...i still have pains from time to time but i have to take my risks becauce abortions are illegal in trinidad........


miya - March 30

i am now around 1 month pregnant but i just gave birth to my first baby 6 months ago!it was not planned at all but it happened.I am now afraid and dont now what to do because my mom and antie said that theres a possibility of urine rupturing, im afraid for my self because i have a 6month old and i want to see her growing.What would i do?my sister's friend also said that her antie is also on the same situation and the doctor recommend to abort the child to avoid rupturing the not yet unheal wound due to caesarean session rather than to face critical situation and leave her infant without a mom.Kindly help me on my situation.


SanGabriel333 - April 7

Miya, There is no need to abort your baby. Six months is plenty of time for your scar to heal and become pregant again. Any doctor will tell you that, and no doctor would recommend abortion at this point because it is extremely common to become pregant soon after c-section and for the pregnancy and delivery to go just fine. In fact, complications in this situation are extremely rare. Just make sure that you find a doctor who is comfortable with VBACs if that is something that you are interested. Since you've only had one c-section, I would recommend at least trying a VBAC. Otherwise, you can schedule another c-section. Just remember that your situation is very normal there are many women all over the world right now in your same situation, and they and their babies will be just fine as well. Instead of thinking about the very rare possibility of a bad consequence, start thinking about what you're going to name your new baby, where you will find a place in your house and your heart for him or her, and how much fun your two children will have playing together being so close in age! Congratulations Mommy!! Hang in there, and chin up!!


swissmiss - August 23

I had a cla__sical c-section and lost my son after exactly one month in the NICU. My husband and I want to begin trying again, but we are unsure due to the risks of the cla__sical c-section and the timing. We are discussing things with our doctors, but of course I am scared. I want another child so much, but I don't know how much time should pa__s to be safe. Wondering if anyone has some experiences to share. Thanks. - October 12

Hi! I had my child last june 2010 but unfortunately he died...and now I am planning to have a baby after 9 mos. and I am CS. Is it safe to have another child since it was 9 mos ago?Please help me...


mrskozell - March 5

I had an emergency c-section with my daughter 15months ago & we are starting to plan for our 2nd. Im VERY concerned about rupturing. Due to the fact that I ruptured during the c-section with my daughter & had blood transfusions along with other complications. I like the idea of a vbac but think it would just be playing with fire.(Plus big husband so big babies.) & worry even a planned c section is too risky. The doctors don't know why I ruptured in the first place. Has Anyone had a baby after a rupture & had it turn out okay?


christinasmommy09 - March 21

i just had a baby in november, i went through 42 weeks of complications, i have a c-section and it was horrible, i felt everything, a week after giving birth, they took out my st_tches and i re-opened, i had to have my stomach packed everyday with fresh gauze, i swore i wouldnt go throw it again because me and my daughter almost died on the table. here i am today, 4 months later, and i am 8 weeks pregnant. i am really scared im not going to make this one, i dont know what to think and i cant see my doctor until thursday and its really got me worried. anyone have any advice?


tattyteddy1 - April 19

Hiya, my first baby was born by c-section and I too found myself pregnant again when she was 9 months. I would like to put your mind at rest and let you know that the second delivery is not always an automatic section. My second was a successful v-bac with no pain relief. I kept being told that I would not be allowed to try naturally, and if i did then I would have continuous monitoring and an IV just in case. This was not the case, and although not being allowed anywhere near the birthing pool (was on delivery and I was on the ward for my labour!) I still managed to get into the bath. From waters breaking to placenta was 19 hours. Baby was healthy and is now nearly 16 weeks. I hope this helps to put your mind at rest. Although it can happen, there is only a small chance that uterine rupture will happen. We are talking about a third, and I plan to have a home waterbirth for that one! Good luck, and I hope this has helped.x


tattyteddy1 - April 19

not at all true. My 1st was a section and my 2nd a v-bac. repeat sections are not compulsory and are a case by case basis.


tattyteddy1 - April 19

above comment was in reply to someones comment on page 1, reguarding a second section as compulsory.x


tmartin6 - July 11

Good evening all, I too am a mother of four children born in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009. I was told by my doctor that the risk increases with each c-section. My first child was an emergency c-section due to a low heart rate, (which we later learned was becasue of the umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck). I was seen by midwives with my second child who informed me that they did not do VBAC's and they did not suggest my doing one either because of the risk of uterine rupture. I have had c-sections with all of my children with no rupture or difficulties during pregnancy. Not everyone's body is the same. So talk it over with you doctor and decide on what you feel is best for YOU. Listen to your body and at the end of the day, it's you who makes the decisions. Do what you feel is best.


cod_widow - August 8

hi all very worried here,had my 2nd section just in april there tried vbac but because of babys cord had to have another section. Now i have found out that i am pregnant again just 3 months later and i am totally worried as i havent heard of any1 having a 3rd section so soon. would love to have this baby but scared of uterus rupture etc......what are the odds please help as its upsetting


charrzy - August 18

i have 2 children both by c sections the first nearly 5 years ago was an emergency due to complication during labour the second was 6 months ago, i have since been on the pill but it hasnt been totally effective last night i found out i was pregnant again. It feels too soon 6 months seems like no time at all im both scared and unsure of complications ect that could arise. Is it too soon to have another child so soon after a c-section i know they recommend only 3 c-sections i was tol once you had 2 you'd have no option of anatural birth on your 3rd.


popsy - October 4

hi all, i had my baby early this through cs but lost her shortly after. so you can understand the need to try again soon. we did and got preg 5 months after but had a miscarriage at 6 weeks+. The doc told me that my uterus was not ready for pregnancy that i should wait for another 3 months before we start trying again. it all depend on individual. some get prego 3 months after and have no implications while some do. wish u luck.


gmflora - October 27

i had emergency c-section 4 months ago and im pregnant again 5 weeks now..... is it safe for me to get pregnant now???? please advise. Thank you


lil jesso - January 12

Hi this is question for christinasmommy09 ior anyone im 8weeks pregnant after having c section 4 months ago do yoy have advise for me? Much appreciate it as feeling abit low after going to the doctors she said it was way too early. Thanx jessgo



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