Pregnant Again

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Lalie - January 16

I had a c-section with my first baby in Sept. 2005, he is now 3 1/2 months old and I just found out i'm pregnant again. I really want to deliver va___ally but I'm concerned about having another c-section. Has this happened to anyone else, and how did your second birth go? Were you able to deliver va___ally or did your doctor opt for a c-s?


...... - January 16

d__n lady, it's pretty hard on your body to get pg that soon - especially after a c-section. most dr.s won't let you get a vbac - especially that soon....but you can always ask.


Jbear - January 16

You will probably end up having another c-section...but ask your doctor so you'll know what your options are.


Lynne - January 17

Yes, you will probably have another c section. I don't think you will have a problem carrying this child you waited the 3 months that they usually recommend but for VBAC I don't think you would be a candidate. Congrats on your pregnancy, any child is a true blessing no matter the timing.


TC - January 18

Congratulations Lalie. I agree with everyone else. You will probably need to have a c/s bc there is higher chance that your uterus is not completely heeled.


Rhonda - January 20

I had a c-section11mos ago b/c the baby coulde'nt fit through the birth ca___l.And i am due to have another baby in march,my doctor said i have to have another c-section.


dani - January 20

Is it dangerous to get pregnant right away after having a c-section? My dr said to be very careful b/c your utersu could rupture if you get pregnant before 12 months of being pregnant from your first.


Kim - January 23

I have a 7 month old son and my husband is in the military and is going to Afganastan soon, we would like to try and get pregnant is it too soon??????


Lynne - January 25

There is always a chance of uterine rupture if you have had a cesarean. You would just have to watch out for contractions and not go into active labor if there is a question about the healing time. The uterus couldn't handle active labor thus a scheduled cesarean would be done to avoid it.


kelsey k - January 25

I had my first baby by c-section on January 20th 2005. I just had my second son on January 22 via a wonderful and uncomplicated VBAC. No comparision, there was never a question in my mind that I would not have a c-section again. I hated it. My doctor just checked me more often in the last four weeks, and did not a__sist my labor with pitocin. No problems whatsoever.


ELS - January 27

I don't think you would be able to have a vback after only recovering three months between pregnancies. If you have a year between then yes you could probably have VBAC.


jules - February 6

kelsey-- i had my 1st son 9/04, and am due with my 2nd 9/06. i plan to do vbac also. can you give me any tips on how you made it work? i'm afraid my fear of a rupture or 'having' to have a c-section again will prevent me from giving birth vbac. although i am prepared more for a c-sec this time if i have too. my first was emergency due to fetal distress.


Kelsey K. - February 6

My doctor did my first c-section and was very comfortable with the type, size and placement of the incision, what transpired during the operation and from his notes decided I was a fine candidate for a VBAC a year later. I guess I have a different type of doctor, he doesn't feel c-sections should be done unless they are needed and he told me as such. Since he put the "weakness" in, he knew whether I could handle labor or not. Most women CAN have a v____al birth, a lot of c-sections are really, truly, not necessary and I think any woman should discuss with the DELIVERING doctor the pros and cons of a VBAC. If the new doc didn't do the first c-section I highly advise you at least request a phone conversation with the original surgeon before deciding your next delivery option. Fetal distress is a funny area, if the heart rate is dropping, of course one wants to do a c-section. Many times however, it has nothing to do with the mother's ability to deliver. With my first it was simply the cord was between my baby's shoulder and my pubic bone and with each contraction it got squeezed, so you really really need to know exactly why you had the first c-section. There was a lady posting on the elective cs forum a while back who had to have 4 c-sections because of a pelvic problem and she went into labor each rupture! Talkt to both your original doctor and (if necessary) your new doctor. To Jules: yes, limit your amount of time with the epidural, NO Pitocin or other labor enhancing drugs!!!! Inductions can also increase your need for a c-section again. Best of luck!


TY - February 6

I also had a c-section 2 months ago and I was wondering can you get pg from pre-c_m? Is your body that fertile where that can get you pg?



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