Pregnant And Depressed Can Anyone Help

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Motherof3 - February 24

I have to boys 3 and 7 months and I'm 14 weeks prego. This was unplanned. I'm not happy about this and I feel like I'm a bad person because of this. I'm scared to have them so close together. The first 2 were C and this one is also a planed C is it bad to have them so close being a C? Does anyone have any advise that would help?


Marie - February 24

Question for are your two kids 4 months apart?? Doesn't make sense! The closest you could have your kids together would be 11 months. YOu carry a baby for 10 months?? Sorry, not understanding this.


Motherof3 - February 24

sorry 3 years and 7 months


Marie - February 25

All I've ever heard about having them too close together is that your uterus could rupture........but there is only a 1% chance of that happening, and that your body needs time to heal. I think you should be fine though.........ask your dr.


Lynne - February 28

You will be just fine. I have heard of women actually becoming pregnant within 4 months after a cla__sic (vertical) section and having no problems although that sounds a bit scary. I think you are normal to worry about this, especially if it wasn't planned but eventually you will come around. I don't think you are a bad person at all, you are human, we arent perfect. I would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy and I hope all goes well for you.


djh - March 2

Hi Motherof3! I had my 4 babies EXACTLY 4 years to the day apart, all by c-section, went into labor with each and every one of them. With my last one I actually labored (hard!) 5 different times with him before he came 7 weeks early. But my point is, the first two were born 11 months apart, then after my 3rd they said no more because they could see her foot through my uterine scar during the C and I went on to have my last anyway. Was it easy? NO, because they were all only a year apart I felt like I had quadruplets who were at different stages LOL, but it is doable and survivable. I understand how you feel, though. My advice is to really pay close attention to any aches and pains in your abdomen. If anything feels weird and like nothing you have had before, contact your doc immediately. Good luck.



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