Problems After C Section Long Term

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tishlcovert - October 7

I had a c-section almost exactly one year ago and it's like my body has never healed. I am experiencing horrible IBS problems, or at least that's what I think it is. I'm either constipated horribly or paranoid that I'm about to poop my pants because it comes on so suddenly and I have no control. It's so embarrassing. My hair is really coming out and I was told that this is from the medicine they give you during the C-section. I had a spinal. The scar is still tender, my significant other thinks that I use it as an excuse to not be touched but I'm not. I have even worse anxiety and horrible mental images. I feel like I'm going to snap most of the time but it's only at everyone else and I'm great with my son. Does anyone experience any of these problems so long after C-section?


sandra_rivera20 - October 7

i had mine 5 yrs ago and still during s_x i fell pain and very sensitive were the scar is and i don't know what it is


Candi101 - October 10

I think maybe you should see your own doctor. I don't mean to sound harsh, I am very sympathetic to your problems, but you do appear to be suffereing from PND. I'm no medic but, I've had 3 C/sections and suffered PND twice. Yes scars remain tight and painful for a while, this is normal. Your hair loss is not due to the drugs during surgery, but due to the hormones altering after your delivery. Remember how in pregnancy everyones hair is shiny etc? Because of the hormones in pregnancy, you tend not to loose much hair. After delivery the hormones that have made your hair loss less than normal, diminish. Therefore, you will find that daily hair loss is considerably more than usual. It is normal. The anxiety/mental images/short temper you describe, are common symptoms of PND. Please go see your doctor and get some support. Best Wishes.


lknnc - October 30

You should contact your doctor and insist on a ful thyroid panel including a TSH, FT-4 and FT-3. If abnormal have thyroid antibodies testing TSI and TSH. Hair loss and bowel symptoms can be a symptom. I developed a thyroid condtion shortly ater the birth of my first child and went 7+ years before any doctor could diagnose me and I had similar symptoms.



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