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sheree - October 23

Hi, i've just got a short question, i've been reading a few stories from ova in america and it seems that u guys get ur arms tied down when u have a c-section! Don't u find that degrading, i couldn't imagine being strapped down as they don't do that here in australia, just a thought thou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


deb - October 23

Yes and no...being a medical person I understand why they strap down the arms, it is so the patient doesn't contaminate the sterile field. Whilst it is their own germs, it is the origin of the germs and the normal environment of the germs that cause the problems. Hand germs in the gut are very very difficult to treat. As for the arms, they aren't actually "tied" down, they slip a sheet under you and pull it around over your arm and leave the other one out so you can touch your baby (it has the IV usually too). Just my experience. But I do say I never felt it was degrading since I know of sterile technique. G'day to ya!


Jbear - October 24

When I had my first baby, my hands were strapped down to the table with velcro straps. The only reason it bothered me was that my b___sts itched horribly from the anesthesia and no one would scratch me, not even my darling husband. When I had my second c-section at a different hospital, they didn't strap my arms down, but my arms were shaking so much that my husband held one of my hands and the anesthesiologist held the other. The time my hands were strapped down, I was at a teaching hospital and there were 30 people in the hospital room. I was more worried about them all seeing my big bare b___t than about my arms being tied down...


Cindy - October 24

A woman's arms are usually restrained in some way during a c-section but it is no more degrading than a woman's legs being confined to stirrups or her legs being spread open or held back by nurses or her husband during a v____al birth.


amy p - October 24

i know with my experience there was so much going on the last thing i was worried about was where my arms were....


-m - October 26

I just had a c-section almost 3 months ago. My arms were not straped down. They just layed a sheet over them.



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