Recovery From Repeat Csection

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Melissa - August 4

Ok, I have been searching and searching and cannot seem to find any answers. My doctor is very adament about me having another csection because I had to have one with my first delivery, so I am scheduled for 9/26/05. Do you recovery faster from a repeat csection when they cut through the same scar? Is the pain as bad as the first time? I am also wondering if the postpartum depression will be as bad as the first time since this time, I know that I am going to have a csection and wont be so upset about it feeling as though the doctor was wrong or I missed out. Please let me know your experiences. Thank you.


nikki - August 4

Hey Melissa, pain all depends on how you can handle it. My first c-section was painful, but I was moving around in about 3 days. I had st_tches with that one. The second one I had staples, but it still didn't feel no different than the first one. I am hoping that I can have my next one naturally.You'll be okay. Take care of yourself when you do have your c-section.Good luck.


chel - August 5

From my experience, the recovery is much faster the second time around.


Jbear - August 6

I'm having a repeat c-section very soon, probably next week. I had postpartum depression after my first c-section, too. When I have my repeat c-section, since it will be sooner than yours, I'll post here and tell you my experience with it.


Kinsey - August 19

I just had a repeat c-section 3 weeks ago and he cut over the same scar. I recovered alot faster than my first i was up and walking around that day and i hardly took any pain medication because i wasn't hurting. I think the second time is much easier because you know what to expect.


Debi - August 21

Hi Melissa, my first baby was born v____ally, with my second I was induced and labored for 16 hours before they told me I would have a section, of course I was disappointed but at that point I just wanted him out and okay. With my third, she was a scheduled section and to tell you the truth I was happy, no suprises, I had a date and someone to take care of the kids while my hubby and I were at the hospital (I like to plan) I am on #4 now and looking foward to knowing the date before hand. In my experience, since I knew what to expect with the second c-section I was feeling much better. I learned that the key is to move around as much as you can stand afterwards. You are so full of gas that those pains can be worse then the surgery. They cut me right along the same scar both times. I found that Advil or Motrin worked good for me as opposed to the prescription pain meds. I hope that this helps you and best of luck to you. Having a repeat section doesn't have to be the end of the world, try to look at the positive sides to it, you'll be fine :)



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