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Rani - May 13

I need some information regarding mensuration, bleeding, s_x and pregnancy after C-section delivery. 1. After how many days of C-section delivery, the menses becomes regular. 2. for how many days bleeding remains continue after c-section delivery, as 8th feb was delivery date, 20th Mar. completed 6 weeks, but bleeding occurred after that also i.e on 6th april, 8th April, 12th April & then on 24th April. This is not like menses and after the bleeding, whole body feels tired, weak & nervous, is this normal or not. Also sometimes a pain in the abdomen, that also causes of feeling tiredness, weakness for the whole day. 3. After how many days s_x is possible, as Doctor advised not to work & lift weight upto 6 months, so whether s_x is possible before that or not, as it can also cause stresses on body. If possible, then what are the precautions to be taken. 4. Is there any possibility of Vaginal delivery after C-section delivery, if yes, then what should be the minimum Gap between two deliveries to ensure next delivery Vaginal. Please give your valueable suggestions, and clear my all doubts & fears Thanks


Krissy25 - May 22

I had my first c-sect 2 and 1/2 years ago and my second just 6 weeks ago. With my first it took around 9 months for my period to come back but i was b___stfeeding and on the progesterion only pill so i think that is the reason it took so long. If you are not nursing i would think it could come as early as 6 weeks post partum. Your bleeding does not sound normal, it really should have stopped a few weeks after delivery, some periodic spotting may occure but what you are describing sounds like more than that. Normally you can start having s_x 6 weeks after the surgery. With my first s_x was very difficult and somewhat painful for about 4 months, so you should take it easy. Although i advise you see your doc again to check out the bleeding. A v____al delivery after c-sect (v-bac) is possible depending on the circ_mstances. My first was breech, and my doc told me i could have a v-bac as long as i didn't have another breech baby, but the second was breech too. You can talk to your doctor about what your chances are, some docs are a little for willing than others to do this, if it seems like you have a less than willing doctor you may want to seek a second opinion when the time comes. And you should probably wait at least a year after your fist c-sect to get pregnant again. Good luck


Rani - May 24

Thanks for your reply in details. It cleared my all doubts. Actually in our case everything was normal till delivery, and actual due date for delivery was after 2 weeks, but due to cord wrapping around the neck of the baby, to save her life, c-section was neccessary. but this wraping may be due to movements of baby, so it may be possible next delivery v____al. bleeding is now Ok, for last 1 month. Can u explain what is breech, as I heard many times, but no Idea.


Krissy25 - May 24

I'm glad things are better for you, breech means the baby is bottom down instead of head down.


Rani - June 21

good day to everyone As mentioned above, during feeding, menses will take time to come back, but ovulation can occur without menses. But I would like to discuss that as we done s_x after 4 months using condom, then how it would be confirmed that this contraception is effective or not, as in normal case if conceiving occured then menses stoped, otherwise it will continue, but in this case no indication. Actually we dont want next issue too soon, so is there any idea to avoid it. Also this time s_x was too painful, but it was much easy at first time. plz anyone can tell the reason for this pain.



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