Repeat C Section Question

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kay101 - September 24

I had a c-section with my daughter 3 1/2 years ago. I just found out this week that I'm pregnant and was wondering if it was easier or worse to recover from a second c-section. I didn't think the first one was so bad.


sahmof3 - September 25

My 2nd and 3rd c-sections were A LOT easier to recover from than my first (my first was an emergency c-section after a 24 hour labor). The 2nd and 3rd were scheduled c-sections and that made a huge difference for me. I basically only had serious pain the first day and then mild pain after that for a few weeks (with the help of pain meds lol), with just twinges of pain on various parts of the scar as it healed over those weeks. It was mild enough, though, that I took my oldest son sledding at a neighbor's house (didn't go myself, just watched ;-)) a week after my dd was born (in January) and after my 3rd was born I was out taking walks with the kids about a week later (it was July).


AmyB - September 26

2 adn 3 were also easier for me...


bbmax - September 26

The second was much easier and since I had my tubes tied this time the dr st_tched it up nice and tight in the same spot. I was home on day 3 and by day 5 completely off of Advil which is all I needed after my spinal wore off. Acutally, the day after I was running around arranging my room but when the spinal wore off that night I did need something a bit stronger until the morning and before the Advil started. Once I got home I was pretty much back to my old self within a week. I have a 17 month old toddler who I have to lift at 35 pounds too if that tells you anything :)


kay101 - September 26

Thanks ladies. I guess it just makes me a bit more nervous because I actually have time to think about it this time.


Ang3lz - October 4

Well you ladies are luckey! I had a c-section with my now 2-year-old son in September 2005 and it hurt like crazy! I cried and got my blood pressure up along with my heart rate at first...but I began to feel better a month later. Now I want to congradulate myself first on the birth of my newborn son! he is one week old today! :) I could have had him v____ally but my doctor said after she broke my water, it was a brownish color and that meant my baby had been under stress and that caused him to swallow some bowel movement. I dialated 5 centimeters. She waited an hour to see if my cervex would change more, it was changing but she didn't want to put the baby in danger and suggested a second c-section. it was my choice of weather or not I wanted it. my mom was in the room with me and begged me to go on and let her take him. I went for it. It has been a week and still i get stiff. I had a tube in my stomach on the left side and it was taken out 2 days after the birth of my baby. As of right incision is getting better...but the area where the tube was is swollen and it had begun bleeding. I cry about it sometimes and I run a fever over 100.4 sometimes. I can't eat too much of anything because it makes my stomach boil and that hurt! I pray about it though because I know these pains will now last long...well....hopefully they won't. It is hard having a 2 year old and a newborn with no daddy in the picture. My 2 year old is used to me holdinh him sometimes and playing with his cars and things with him. I am not able to do those things with him right now and it hurts me to see my mother yell at him or hit him because he cries for me to pick him up like I use to. I love both of my boys with or without their fathers. I love children, but I do not want anoother child, especially without the man who helped to create it and I definately don't want to be cut again. This is it for me.



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