Repeat Cesarean Section

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Shy - January 13

I am 26 and married, I already had 2 c-sections, how many more can I have? We have 2 sons and would like to try for a daughter.


kristie metcalf - January 14

They say no more than 5 for any women


erin - April 7

you can have 1 more through the same scar and then the doctors will have to move to another section of your stomach


beth - April 12

i have had three sections and due to have my 4th in august.i have never heard of them moving to another section on your stomach though,mine will be done in same place as other 3.


m - April 20

I agree with beth. I've had 3 c-sections, and they were all done in the same exact place.


Hapnd 2 me - April 21

You may have up to three more. However, natural births are better.


Lacey - April 27

Natural birth is always better, but the more c-sections you the odds are greater for a ruptured uterus. Ask your GYN/OB about his standard of care for repeat c-sections. I am due to have my 3rd on Monday, my OB and I both agreed that I wasn't ready for a tubal and he was willing to deliver a couple more after this one. If you want to have a baby girl, you do it! More power to you! I'm sure you doctor will accomodate you, and if not one will.


Jessy - May 3

I heard a strange story about a woman having 8 when the top-to-bottom slice was the way it was...I guess they had no restrictions back then in the 50's and 60's but apparently now for safety reasons the doctors recommend no more than 5...but how could they stop you if you wanted more? It's your body your risking over it and you just need to keep it strong...I'm hoping for a girl this time, too..2 boys by C-Section so far...I just want 2 girls after this and I may just be satisfied! My midwife suggested raspberry leaf tea to strengthen and tone your uturus...I used it all the way thru my second pregnancy and attempted v____al..but the second didn't cooperate just as the first and it didn't help that he HAD to come within 24 hours because they broke my water, and then the pitossin they gave me to induce labor was very stressful on my uturus..he was born at exactly 42 weeks..the docs wouldn't let him wait any longer, you know how that is! Plus where is this other section they plan to cut? I've never heard of that..I just noticed that my doctor cut a line directly above the one that was cut I have these 2 skinny little parallel lines on my tummy..I was lucky they didn't use staples on me either time, so my scars aren't so ugly. I'm 25 and married by the way..hope to be done w/having babies by age 27 or 28...hopefully w/2 boys(got 'em) and 2 girls(hopin').


kk - May 10

I have 4 children all delivered by c-section all through the same scar, when I had my last back in October 2004, my Dr. said when was the next one comming? but 4 is enough for me, I guess my body was able to keep having c-sections, it really all depends on your body and ofcourse the ok of your doctor.


Star - May 18

Hey Shy, I had 3 C sections. Each one was a different incesion. I was told by my doctor that I couldnt be cut in the same area. I guess it all depends on your doctor, how far apart the cections were and on your scar tissue. After my third My doctor sugguested I have no more children. he said my linning of of uterus was very thin and that there was alot of scar tissue. here I am 2 years after my 3rd cection with a incesinal hernia that needs to be repaired. So I guess it all depends on your body and your doctor.



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