Repeat Csection Please Help Me

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lrodriguez83 - September 29

Ok today I am 28 weeks pregnant, due date 12-22-08. My first son was born at 39 weeks by c section due to failure to progress so my doctor told me I would be a repeat c section. Can anyone tell me when they usually schedule a repeat c section? I assume they don't want you to go into labor so you don't have that additional stress on you, but I was curious what happened with you all. Also do they just give you a set of dates and let you pick or do they ask you what you want? I am getting scared because I went into preterm labor with my son at 32 weeks and was on bedrest until I had him and they induced me twice and still had a c section but they said my pelvis was too narrower to have natural birth.


Krissy25 - September 29

Well i have only had 1 c-section but it was planned. It was scheduled only 3 days before my due date, i couldn't believe it wasn't scheduled any sooner but i think there are a lot of doctors who are getting away from the idea that it should be done 2 weeks early for the fact that the baby may simply not be ready. Well my water broke 3 weeks early and i went into labor, she was ready. So of course my doctor had to preform the c-section then. Honestly though, just ask your doctor next appt. when he/she plans to schedule it.


DownbutnotOUT - September 30

My first c-section I was in labour for 33 hours and the little monkey refused to co-operate so they took him out. My 2nd was an emergency csection, my 3rd I picked her due date and I did so about 2 weeks before she was born. With my 4th the high risk OBGYN picked my due date many months in advance. I think it depends on your situation, dr, and how your pregnancy goes.


lrodriguez83 - October 1

Well I saw my doctor yesterday and she said that she will schedule my c section after December 10th. And as I get closer she said her and I will talk about more things pertainining to my scheduled c section. Thank you everyone for your repsonses.


Mum of 3 c-sections - November 13

Hi there..Just dropping by to say good luck! and dont worry at all, because ive had 3 c-sections! lol GOOD LUCK! xxxxxx



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