Required Cesareans

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little_snowball - February 8

one of my friends told me that hospitals are starting to require cesareans now instead of even try it va___ally first. i really don't want to do it that way without even seeing if i can go through with it naturally. can your doctor actually say, "you will have it my way"?


Rhonda - February 8

I have not heard of anything like that.I dont see how it would be possible.But then again you never can tell.


Maisy - February 8

That would be against the force a procedure on a legally lucid human being is called "a__sault and battery". We cant' even insert IV's without patient consent!


Cabbie - February 9

Unfortunately, it is true. I live in a state that as of Jan 1 2005 became a no choice state according to the major malpractice insurance. The major malpractice insurance carrier in our state will not cover a dr to perform a VBAC anymore. Now not every dr in our state has this insurance but most do in our state. So if they perform a VBAC, they no longer have insurance. This could be what your friend means. It's not necessarily hospital policy, but insurance policy. The dr that has performed my two sections no longer delivers because of the cost of the insurance and the demands they put on you.


Bad Medicine - February 10

You know what is sad about what Cabbie said, that some states insurance companies have abandoned sound medical practice to prevent paying the occasional, but HUGE monetary awards when a VBAC goes sour. I am not at all happy when a baby and/or mother is injured or worse when a birth goes wrong. But, OB's are one of the most sued medical specialties in the world and the public has gotten the idea that c-sections will ensure perfect babies...anyone with medical knowlege knows that not be the case at all. Now with the fear of lawsuits, the general public has gotten the idea that that means VBACs are less safe or "the doctors wouldn't refuse to do them". That certainly is not the case, MOST doctors would prefer to deliver women v____ally from a medical standpoint if their hands weren't tied by malpractice insurers. I think the original poster must have meant her State doesn't allow VBACs, as to make women have a c-section for their first birth would be totally against the law as Maisy said.


Cabbie - February 10

My dr that has quit delivering did not like to do VBACs due to his experience. That being said, he still cited insurance as his reason for needing to back off and become an Gyno only. Even in his beliefs through experience, he did not like that insurance made these guidelines and demands. He is a wonderful, competent dr who I am so sad to lose.


Susan - February 10

Yes, the good ones are leaving, mine too, and he has never had a bad outcome from carefully selected VBAC moms. He now does gynecology and gynecological surgery only. His partner got sued by a woman who had smoked, done drugs, drank, ate poorly, only made half her prenatal visits and was HIGH when she came to the hospital in labor. When it took a couple of hours to sort her messes out, the baby went into distress and SHE BLAMED the doctor and the nurses and the hospital. Her baby had a stroke either before or during labor and so the hospital settled. If the doctor could have afforded a bunch of experts, they would have been able to prove what was determined later to have happened to her poor baby, a pre-birth stroke caused by exposure to every toxin known to harm babies, and it had a stroke from her cocaine use right before labor. This doctor had NO way of knowing that and it was the mother's fault. That doctor doesn't do OB/GYN at all now. This is why insurance companies are putting the lean on docs and hospitals more than any other reason, the lawsuits by a few women. Not all, of course are the mom's fault, but a good many are for the wrong reasons.


little_snowball - February 10

that is BS. why do stupid women have to ruin it for all of us? why do stupid greedy people and their stupid law-stuits that actually win have to put a damper on this for the honest people? grr.



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