Scar Revision

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Nerdy Girl - July 8

Has anyone had their scar revised? I had a c-section in Nov 2005, and had complications in which my incision did not close. It was open for 7 weeks post-partum and had to heal from the inside out. It is healed up now, but the scar looks horrible. It's hard to describe - it's like a thin line at the right and left edges, but the center part that was open is a very wide thick band of scar tissue. It almost looks like a cartoon smiley mouth, where the mouth is closed at the edges and open in the middle. It's not really causing me any discomfort, but it looks pretty bad. The skin to the top and bottom of the incision looks bulgy becase the center section of the scar sunk in. It's actually noticable when I wear a bathing suit - the scar itself is below the line of where my suit falls but you can see how misshapen my lower abdomen is. I met with a plastic surgeon about 7 week post partum, right around the time the last edges of the wound were healing up. He told me that I could have the scar revised and that insurance would cover it, but he recommended waiting another 6-12 months just to see how things ended up naturally. I am hesitant to go through another surgery and would probably only be doing it out of vanity because it's not causing me any physical pain at this point. I guess one thing that is really bugging me is that the Nov 2005 c-section was my 2nd c-section. I had one in 2002 and had no problems whatsover with my scar. It was hairline thin. In fact, even the lady who does my bikini waxes used to comment on how I had the best c-section scar she had ever seen. Now I am like the elephant woman!! I am just wondering if anyone else has gone through anything similar.


sahmof3 - July 9

Nerdy Girl, It must be a 2nd C thing. My scar itself didn't look like yours, but I had the weird skin thing! Also, underneath the skin was a thick chunk of scar tissue that felt like a hose running under the skin. In a bathing suit you could see a little ridge running across there. I didn't have it revised (actually never knew you could), but oddly enough after C #3 it was gone. I guess they cut out the old scar tissue and this one had healed normally!! Sorry, I'm not very helpful on this one, just thought I'd share- I saw your post on "infants".


olivia - July 9

As sahmof3 said, sometimes they cut out the old scar and sort of start over. So if you plan to have more, I'd hold out. If you are closing up shop, I'd go ahead and get the revision if you will feel better. I am usually not too picky about my body, but I find I hate my scar and how the skin pulls in creating a little roll. Even when my stomach was perfectly flat the scar pulled in causing a bulge. I am pregnant again so I don't plan on doing anything about it now. I did ask my doctor if she would cut it out for this delivery instead of resuing it. She said no problem -- we could start over. Don't feel guilty for wanting your body back.


Nerdy Girl - July 9

Yeah, we have already "closed up shop." (Dh had the snip a few months ago.) I was just wondering how major of a surgery this revision would be since now I am taking care of two kids.


sahmof3 - July 9

Again, I'm probably not too helpful, b/c I never had this procedure. But, I can say that I had a third C-setion and then was taking care of three kids from the day I came home from the hospital- DH didn't have any more time off :( I needed pain meds and didn't feel like resuming all duties for a few weeks, but it honestly wasn't too bad. Good luck.



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