Scar Tissue Cesarean Pouch Ugh

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KIM5676 - March 14

I have had 5 c-sections the last one being 2 1/2 years ago and now I have a huge pouch that is numb and feels like it has pins and needles it's just hanging there I scheduled to see a plastic surgeon to remove it the dr said it was scar tissue from repeat sections. does any body else have this.


Nerdy Girl - March 14

I have a pretty bulgy nasty scar from my last c-section which did not close and had to "heal from the inside out" for 7 weeks post partum. I did talk to a plastic surgeon at that point (about 7 weeks pp) and he said to wait 6-12 more months to see if my body absorbed any of the excess tissue. It has not changed, so now I am just trying to decide if it's too vain of me to go get the scar revised. I'm not one of those picky sorts of people, but the area around my incision is so misshapen and bulgy that it is totally noticable thru a bathing suit. And I don't mean that I wear such a lowcut bathing suit that you can see the skin in that area... I mean that it's so lumpy that you can see it thru the fabric of my bathing suit.


lovemy3 - March 15

No, thats too bad. I hope they can fix you up. hugs


Jhill - April 6

I am going through the same thing, is there reason why their is a pouch and surgery is the only way to get rid of it. Does anyone have this problem or how to get the pouch gone.


SeldomInn - April 18

I'm feeling ya!!! LOL! I am on my fourth pregnancy.. will be my fourth C-section... I busted a gut trying to get rid of that pouch last summer... and although I succeeded in losing all the weight I wanted, my tummy still grant it, I don't have a real issue with the C-section scar, it's just the skin around it... pouchy... and the fact that your muscles, after each C-section, appear less and less flat....and no matter how many crunches, sit ups you do... nothing is going to bring them back to that youthful look.. so I've seriously thought about getting a minabdominalplasy after this baby.... I struggled with the issue as to whether it was vain or not... but it's not really.... we have to feel good about ourselves! And when we have a part of our body that doesn't look like it's supposed to, almost like your permanently pregnant, for some of us, that's a low self esteem issue... so I say, if you have the money to do it, go for it.... I probably will!!!



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