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J - August 20

I was rushed into emergancy c section with my first so fast that they had to gas me. It was really not a good experiance. I have a different Dr. this time and she giving me the choice of an elective c or to try a viginal, but would recomend another c. She gave me sheet on the pro and con of both and I'm scared to death!!! Even though it's not real common DEATH is listed under both. I am a large framed girl but apparently my pelvis is pretty small adn not able to get a baby through. I am scared of being cut open again though. Does the recovery time get worse with each one?


Marti - August 20

I too just had an emergency c section, if I would get pregnant again I would choose another section. I don't believe the recovery is worse with each one. My recovery wasn't bad though.


Jbear - August 28

I just had my second c-section. The first was an emergency, the second was planned. I had a different doctor for this one, and he told me that I could try for a VBAC, but I really didn't want to. Then, I needed to have this baby early for my blood pressure, and the doctor felt my cervix and said there was no way an induction would work, which made me feel better about opting for the c-section. A planned c-section really feels different than an emergency one, because you have time to mentally prepare for it, and you don't have the uncertainty of wondering when the baby will be just show up at the hospital on the date they give you, and they do it. My recovery for the second one seems worse than the first. I think that's because my first child is still young enough to be really demanding, and so I don't have the luxury of relaxing, and napping when this baby sleeps. It's strange, I have a much smaller incision this time. My first was from hipbone to hipbone. This one is about six inches. I had my tubes tied too. I didn't have as much discomfort during the first c-section (I was awake) as I did during the second, either.


Barb - August 28

Hi J, Please don't be scared! having a c-section can be just as risky as giving birth naturally you know! There are pros and cons to every thing we do! I had an emergency c-section after 40 hrs. of labor and believe me i was glad the option to have a c-section was there. I had a very difficult time during the labor. I have another child in which I decided to have a planned c-section and it was a good choice for me i believe. I stayed awake and got to enjoy seeing my baby for the first time. Death is very rare but they have to list it and be honest - but there is a rare death chance in natural delivery too. Don't be scared do what you feel is right. Having a c-section is not always as bad an experience as you had the first time. when it is an emergency of course it is scarry, you don't have time to think of anything. I felt that way too when I had my first c-section. But, the second one was fine I had great Dr's and the recovery was not half as bad as when i had the first emerg. section.....Good luck to you i am sure you will make the right choice for you, and you will be fine. When you get to see your baby you will bet oo excited to think about the recovery and everything, you'll be glad he/she is finally here!


Amy P - August 31

hello my second c was easier then my first i thought it was a breeze....i think b/c you already know how to move and avoid pain ya know...also my babies were 21 months apart so i had another little one at home to care for and i am a stay at home mom so my husband had to go back to work immedietly and i did fine! i really do think the 2nd was easier i will soon let you know about the 3rd ttc:)



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