Scared To Death Over C Section

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jal239 - February 14

I had back surgery in 2000 and my husband & I are going to try at the end of the yr. I am scared to death that drs are going to tell me to have a C-section. I REALLY don't want that. the surgery was in my lower back so I think that having the baby va___ally may put a lot of stress on my lower spine. In the event that a c-section is the way to go, can anyone give me some idea on the procedure itself (pain level, aware of the birth of your child) and what recooperation is like. I don't want to have to have my husband do everything b/c I am laid up after having surgery.


mas06 - February 16

Well, after a full day of labor and about an hour and of pushing, I was told that the best thing was to have a c-section. My baby's heartbeat would drop after I pushed and it turned out that the cord was wrapped around his neck twice so everytime I would push, he would become stressed. I was very nervous when I went into the operating room because I was worried about the baby and I didn't know what to expect. I didn't think I would have a c-section and didn't pay attention to that part in my childbirth cla__ses!! I had already been given an epidural but they did administer more and the doctor checked to make sure I did not feel anything. You will be surrounded by a good number of people---your doctor, a team of nurses, an anesthesiologist, a NICU doctor,and your partner or loved one. You will not feel a thing and the whole process will take about thirty minutes. Afterward, you are given pain medication as needed and will probably sleep most of that first day. The next day, you will be a little slow in getting up but the nurses will encourage a shower and urge you to begin walking around. Your incision will be covered but with the pain medication, you will mostly feel numbness and a little swollen. It does help to get walking soon but be sure and take your time. I had my son on a Friday evening and was discharged two days later. I felt really good and taking a shower made all the difference. Once I was home, I took it easy for the first couple of weeks, making sure not to bend or push myself phyically. I saw my doctor after two weeks and she checked my incision and gave me the ok to walk a little--I started walking down my driveway only at first. After about four weeks, I was walking around my block and I felt really good. My son is 16 months old and every once in a while, I feel a little numbness around my incision but thats about it. My doctor advised waiting until about 7 or 8 weeks before I did any intensive exercise like walk on the treadmill. Everyone is different and I found it helpful to follow my doctor's advice. Good luck!!


boilerbabe - March 10

I have had two c-sections, one similar to mas06 and the second was scheduled. Compared to her, I wasn't up quite as quickly, and I stayed in the hospital 4 days (baby Monday, out Friday, could have left Thursday but stayed to get REST!). The part I dislike is getting oxygen. If yours is scheduled, they will give you either a spinal or an epidural about an hour prior, plus they have to put in a catheter. It all seems very antiseptic, but I did a lot of research for my second comparing the risks of VBAC vs scheduled c-section, and the c-section risks seem higher to you than to the baby. I think they had my baby out within 15 minutes. It takes a bit longer to sew you up. Also, I get nauseus afterwards from anesthesia so that was no fun. You definitely feel some pressure but just something moving and it is a huge relief once the baby is out. I am thinking about having a third and nervous again about impending surgery. Be sure to discuss your fears with your doctor & anesthesiologist, and talk to other women who have had c-sections. That should help calm your nerves. Find people who tried VBAC also to give a balanced opinion of what could go wrong (or right) with trying v____al birth. Good luck


rk - March 11

Hi I had a c-section almost 2 weeks ago and I would definately do it again. I have fibroids, that's why I needed one. I was in the hospital 4 days which was fine. Now it's a week later and I feel great! My incision really doesn't hurt and I'm not bleeding much either. My lower back does hurt a little but I think it's from the epidural. I have to admit, I was really surprised that I bounced right back so fast! Your dr will know what's best for you and baby, try not to worry. Best of luck to you!


djh - March 12

It is certainly normal to NOT want a cesarean section, especially if you already know what surgery is like. I am not like the others, for my abdominal muscles were actually cut due to the extreme narrowness of my hip to hip ratio and the size of my pelvis. Some women have good and relatively smooth recoveries where the pain is managed adequately with meds, others don't have it so smooth. There will be significant post-op pain, that's pretty much a given for the first week, after that is where people tend to start recovering more individually. If no infection or complications you will have a pretty good idea of how you are going to do after the first week. Good luck with the wee one.


Katrina - March 12

My daughter was a booked ceasarian at 39 weeks due to her difficult breech position. I was very frightened and upset on learning I would need a ceaser after spending all of my pregnancy preparing for a natural birth. But my ceasarian was a very positive experience. I was booked for surgery 2 weeks in advance (it was strange to have a doctor decide the birthday of your baby). I went into hospital at 7 am on the morning of the surgery. By 8.45 my husband and I were nervously waiting ouside the theatre doors. At 9 am I was given a spinal anaesthetic which numbed me from the waist down. (I barely felt the needle going into my back) I was completely awake and knew exactly what was going on around me. By 9.20, our baby girl was born. I got to hold her when she was about 1 minute old. By 10.00 am I was in recovery, pain free, and b___st feeding my baby. The anaesthetic wore off after about 4 hours and I was given anti-inflammatory suppositories and panadol for the pain. (I know the thought of a suppositiory doesn't sound appealing, but they were great for the pain). The next morning, 24 hours after she was born, I was up and about. I was in hospital for 4 nights altogether. My staples came out the same day I went home. My tummy was sore but there's no better incentive for a speedy recovery than a beautiful little baby. My daughter is 17 months old and I have trouble even seeing my scar.


kiana - March 13

I had a c-section with my first son and about to have my second here in a few weeks. I was induced due to my diabetes. But the baby ended up with the cord around his neck and he was turned the wrong way . So I had an emergency c-section. They just gave me more medicine to make sure i was numb from the waist down. The only thing I can remember feeling was light pressure in my abdominal when they were taking the baby out. The next day they had me out of bed walking down to see the baby. Thank god for my husband with that first walking experience. I think as long as you get up walking around and take it easy on yourself you'll do just fine... Which by the way my c -section scar you cant even hardly tell its there it healed very well. So Goodluck ,my prayers are with you.Youll do fine..


amyh - March 14

My cousin had her lower back fused and was told that she shouldn't deliver v____ally- she ended up giving birth to two kids without any complications!



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