Scheduled C Section Question

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D~ - December 24

Hi, I'm scheduled for my c-section next Friday, and was wondering what type of pain meds they give to you while your recovering? And is the pain meds safe for br___tfeeding? Thanks!!!!


Jbear - December 25

It might be different depending on your doctor or hospital. I was given lortabs (codeine and tylenol) and ibuprofen. I was also given antihistamines and simethicone. I was trying to b___stfeed, and they said all the meds were fine for that.


Z - December 25

WOW!!! I wasn't given anything after my c-section!!!


D~ - December 25

Z, are your dr's crazy? They didn't give you any type of pain meds??? Wow, that's unheard of...........I'm sure you were in a lot of pain, you poor thing.


Jbear - December 26

The antihistamines were because some women get really itchy as a side effect of the anesthesia. Simethicone is the active ingredient in infant gas drops, and helps to relieve the gas pains that are fairly common after a c-section. I can't imagine not being given anything. I had meds in the hospital, then a prescription for lortabs for when I got home. They worked, but every time I held my baby, I would fall husband was teasing me, calling it the "junkie nod".


Jamie - December 27

I was given percocet and ibuproffen, and b___stfed.


Mallory - December 27

I was on percocet and ibprofen for pain. But there were other meds to take as well, ... For example, I was also on Zoloft and an Iron Supplement, along with a stool softener (which did diddly squat! lol) All were deemed safe for use by my doc's.


D~ - December 28

I just got my perscription for percocet & ibuprofen. My c-section is scheduled for tomorrow.........I'm so nervous!


Jbear - December 28

It will go great...this time tomorrow you will be holding your baby! Congratulations, see you on the infant care forum!


dani - December 28

jbear, thanks, and yes you will see me on the infant care forum very soon.


sye - January 7

i ws given something stronger than doctor gave me a narcotic but i wasn't b___stfeeding...



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