Sex After C Section

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Jbear - March 30

I had s_x 10 days after mine. My hubby was careful not to lay on my belly, and it wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't painful either.


Nix - March 30

my doc said you have to wait until the bleeding stops, whether you've had a c-sec or v____al birth because your very prone to infections that can be very dangerous. (which is why they also tell you not to use tampons) but once it's finished then you should be able to have s_x as long as you feel up to it!


Jack - April 3

my wife had a c section about two weeks ago can we have s_x now or is it better to wait?


Terry - April 9

I waited 2 months and it felt great!!!!


6weeks - April 13

u gotta wait till 6 weeks like that doctor say .Just b/c the baby didnt come out through your walls doesnt mean you can have s_x any earlier


sarita - April 15

I was told 8 weeks (this was in 1999)...but it happened a LOT sooner than that. We were gentle and it was fine. But i wouldnt recommend it.


Layla - May 27

I appreciated reading everybodys' answer so much! I had my baby 4/14 and I am still not ready. We tried a week ago and I too felt like I was a virgin again and it felt like my insides still had some more healing to go thru. I too agree to listen to your body and you will know when the right time is. My husband is going stir crazy because it has been quite a while. And even s_x while I was pregnant was not the same as it was before I got pregnant. Hopefully in a couple more weeks it will be.


Tanya - May 27

It's probably best when you feel ready and when you think you're healed. The doctor tells you the answer from the best of their knowledge but you have to go by your body. That sounds so new-age, but it is very true.


Tina - June 23

I too have waited 2 months and have tried twice - feels quite painful, just like I am a virgin all over again, why is this?? I am going crazy, and I guess the only thing we can do is wait. I just don't understand why I would feel such pain inside when I did have a c-section. Anyone out there have any answers? My husband is quite big, and so it is even more difficult, we have tried being very slow, but feels like my insides are being torn??? Please help shed some light on this. I am afraid to try again anytime soon.


Sheila - August 28

It's been a little over 2 weeks since my c-section, and i feel pretty healed, my st_tches still burn alittle, but it's not bad. Is it ok for me to have s_x if i feel up to it? What's the worst that can happen? What does everyone suggest?


maren - November 20

The doctor said 4 weeks post c-section for s_x. My husband and I had s_x at roughly 3 weeks post surgery. It is very much like being a virgin again. Very exciting. S_x has never been so great. I think that the v____al muscles get stronger during pregnancy and if you don't have stretch them out during birth, they just stay stronger and gives a tighter feel for s_x. having never had a natural birth, can anyone add to this???


steve - December 4

10 days


---- - December 9

This thread may help answer a similar thread that was just started.


Pamela - December 11

I had a c section 10/27/05.... then unfortunately I had some complications with the sergical area. I had s_x 12/07/05 and have not had any problems whatsoever. So 5 weeks was more than enough time for me...even with the complications.


miranda - December 12

I had s_x about three weeks after my C-section. I went to the doctor for my two week check-up and asked. The doctor told me to be careful though because I did just have a major surgery. Try to avoid position that applies pressure on it though.


sunshiny - December 21

I had a c/s on Nov 28/05 and held out until last night. I forgot to ask my Dr. but my bleeding has almost stopped so I figured it would be ok. It's been 3 weeks. After reading this forum I feel much better about it. Thanks!



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