Should I Feel Like This 2 Yrs Post C Section

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Jill - January 12

I had a c-section 2 1/2 years ago. At my post-partum checkup and then for a regular gyn checkup 6 months ago, the NP said everything had healed "just fine." However-if I lean up against something or my daughter kicks me there by accident-any kind of pressure at all-hurts. I want to get pregnant again but can't imagine how a hugely expanded uterus wouldn't be really painful! Is it normal to feel like this so long after? Can I get pregnant again or is there a risk of rupture or some other problem?


Christine - January 28

I had a c-section 7mths ago and I am feeling the same way like my uterus is still sore. If my son puts his head on my stomach without me expecting it I feel like I just had it or like a pregnant feeling. I dont know. let me know if you find out anything thanks


angie - January 29

I still feel some pain, and it has been 5 years... not to mention I am pregnant again and the skin has stretched way out down there. It's actually not that bad, only when the doctor pushes on it to hear the baby's heartbeat. But from what my mom tells me (she's had 2 c-sections) it's normal to feel some pain and even numbness from time to time. It takes a long time to fully recover from a c-section- it's major surgery. Think about it: they're cutting you open, taking out your organs, putting them back in, and st_tching you up layer by layer. OUch.


Karen - February 2

I also had a c-section 2 1/2 yrs. ago and then another two weeks ago. I have never had a problem with soreness...numbing, yes...but once I healed from the surgery itself I have had no pain. Even now I don't have any pain from the c-section that was done two weeks ago. You shoud have your doctor check you out (not just a routine check-up because they won't be looking for anything out of the ordinary) to make sure there isn't something seriously wrong. Good Luck and I hope all is well for you to have another child.


Lena - February 9

Jill, I also had a c-section 2 1/2 years ago (November 2002), and I am still experiencing pain in my uterine incision ...yes and when my daughter kicks me too (in playing) and also for seemingly no reason sometimes. I could retype pretty much everything that you just typed about, because I'm experiencing pretty much the same things. You are the first person I have come across who seems to be experiencing the same things that I am. I know ALOT of people who have had c-sections (some repeat) and no one else could relate. I finally called another doctor today to schedule an appointment. I'm getting a second opinion. Email me at if you want to talk more about it.


Lisa - February 23

Ladies, I am so sorry to hear that we are all in the same predicament. I am just about one year out from my c-section and feeling pain too. It is so frustrating! Yes, rubbing up against anything, clothing that just snuggly fits against my stomach, my son laying up against me, and any increased activity all result in a burning, searing sensation across my abdomen just above my incision. I also get sharp stabbing pain, like a knife or skewer, jabbing me in the right lower quadrant of my abdomen. I've had a diagnostic lap procedure with no significant findings to note the source of pain. I've also had epidurals, nerve blocks, and recently a trial of botox thinking that maybe there is a nerve trapped and being pulled upon. I get so tired of feeling this way and ready what everyone here has to say is quite depressing. True, it was a major procedure, but no one requires more than one year to "fully" heal from this. I'm dumbfounded! Best of luck, Lisa


Holly - February 24

Hi ladies, I am 7 years post C-Section and I still have twinges of light pain in that area sometimes. We just found out we are expecting our second child and I too am wondering how this will affect the scar tissue.


amie - February 25

all of you ladies have absolutely sparked an interest in my thinking...i am 7 months post c section...i still feel like my uterus is huge...i am dieting...but not exercising like i should due to the pain i feel mainly on a daily basis...i also feel the lower right quadrant pain in my abdomen...this is all placing a major strain on my mental health and i guess i am afraid to talk to the doctor just to be told "oh, everything is's all in your head!"


Jbear - February 27

I had a c-section in March 2002. In November 2002 I was helping my husband move a mattress and I fell down a couple of stairs and felt something tear on the left side of my incision. I didn't have health insurance so I never had it checked out. As I gained weight, it became increasingly uncomfortable. When I stood up, I would feel something slipping toward my v____a. I lost 80 lbs and it relieved a lot of the discomfort. I became pregnant December 2004 and suprisingly I have had much less pain than I did before. My OB says the pain may be a weakness in the connective tissue. I do feel a general achiness along the incision line, and my scar tissue feels much more prominent. There's no telling how it will feel in a couple of months. At least if it's a hernia, I can have it repaired when this c-section is done.


Pamula - February 27

I had a c-section 4 years ago and I still am very tender in that area. I feel a burning sensation above my scar as if it were a new wound. I also have this big knot pop up frequently. I had a hernia after my first c-section and it feels alot like that, but the doctor said he believes it's just scar tissue. I am thinking of getting a second opinion. I believe it's not normal to feel this kind of pain. I can't hardly do anything because it flares up. I hope you can get some help for it soon.


Tash - February 28

I am only 5 months post c-section and can fully relate to Lisa's 23 Feb comments. I have just sought a second opinion myself and am having an ultrasound this week to see if they can see what is wrong. I have been told it is probably do with the nerves not being joined back together and it is a mater of killing the nerve endings?


Lisa - March 7

Tash, this is partly true. It is nerve related, but usually it is because there is a nerve entrapped, most commonly the ilioinguinal nerve. This feeds the tissues underneath your belly b___ton and extends down to your groin and antierior thigh. There are two, one on either side of your abdomen. They get trapped accidentally either by the suture or are drawn in by the scar tissue as it matures. I'm having cry-ablation done next week. This is a manner of using cold to burn the nerve. I will feel a numbness within this area for at least 6 months. I can't stand the discomfort anymore. The latest is a sensation of the abdominal wall contracting like a spasm. It is so frustrating. I hope this works. I'd rather be numb than in pain. Procedure scheduled for next week. I'll keep in touch. Lisa


Annette - March 10

Pamula, I just returned from my family doctor with the same problem (knot popping up from time to time). It's really painful. He couldn't feel anything because of course it didn't happen when I was in the office. He said that it sounds like a hernia and that I should work out my abs to try to get them back into shape. I had a c-section 9 months ago. I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant but have lost all but 8 pounds of it so I'm not doing too bad. I guess it's not about the weight as much as it's about getting your abdominal muscles back to where there are supposed to be. Not sure if this is any help. Let me know what happened if you went for your 2nd opinion.


jen - March 19

after my c-section i flet pain on the left side every time i bent, leant, reached etc. then one day reached quickly for a light switch behind me and it was like something popped and that was it, pain gone and all fine since, asked my doctor who said that the scar tissue had probably adhered itself to another body part while it was healing which is normal and i had simply popped them apart


krystal - March 20

This is to Jen that said she had pain in the left side. I too have pain when I reach or turn or strain a certain way. I have had 3 c-sections. My last one was 16 months ago. My dr. said it was scar tissue and that it would eventually work itself out. It hasn't yet and now i am hoping mine will just "pop" and I will feel alot better!


Laurie - March 21

Ladies i am so glad i'm not the only one who is having this problem. as i'm typing i am so uncomfortable from the dull pain that is taken over my right lower abdomen. it was like a searing hot poker for a couple of seconds then it subsided, for awhile, then came back. so i went to my gynecologist who did the cesearan (sp?) and he referred me to a surgeon. the surgeon said it "lets do a cat scan" and in the results he found a spot a little bigger than the top of his thub. he doesn't know if it is a hernia (he thinks it too deep in the fatty tissue to be a heria), scar tisse, or what it is so i go in fur surgury in a couple of weeks. i am overwieght so maybe that's not helping. i will let you ladies know what we find and hopefully it will help you all answer some of your own questions.


Sarah - March 21

I've had two sections now, and the second one was scheduled and went way better than the first. My last one was 18 months ago, and I still get pains. It didn't hurt to be pregnant again, but I think the pains I get that are really bad are somehow gas related. I 've heard that the bowels really do not like to be touched and I feel like they get all kinked once in awhile or something and it's quite painful!



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