Should I Feel Like This 2 Yrs Post C Section

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Sarah - March 21

I've had two sections now, and the second one was scheduled and went way better than the first. My last one was 18 months ago, and I still get pains. It didn't hurt to be pregnant again, but I think the pains I get that are really bad are somehow gas related. I 've heard that the bowels really do not like to be touched and I feel like they get all kinked once in awhile or something and it's quite painful!


Nix - March 22

i had my c-section 19months ago and found alot of residual pain for months. My doctor recomended doing exercises, so i did pilates five weeks after my baby was born. I wasn't always consistant with it, but i haven't had any pulls, or twinges or burning (except with pms) for atleast three or four months. I am preg. now with my 2nd child (5 weeks) and am also wondering how the scar tissue will feel during this pregnancy.


april - April 8

mine was 10 yrs. ago and still have both pain and numbness. really gross a dead body at some nerves are very damaged and some are super sensitive.


TiffanE - April 10

my son was born july 5, 1995 and i still have all the symptoms you ladies are speaking of, even after having a v____al birth 6 years later.the stinging, burning, numbness ,"tearing" feeling, and my stomach is always cold to the touch, like dead flesh. i guess iam glad to here i am not the only one, but it saddens me to know i can't exspect this problem to change anytime soon. i was never told this could happen to me and i doubt any of you ladies were informed either.oh well, i hope you all feel better. and please, warn your friends not to let their doctors talk them into any unneeded procedures.good luck!


Jamie - April 13

I gave birth to my third child on March 21, 2005. My first daughter was a c-section (due to breech presentation). I tried the external version to attempt to turn the baby to try a v____al delivery, but after she was born we found out her cord was too short and that's why she didn't finish her turn (after 2 attemts). My son (middle child) was a VBAC. I ended up having a 4 degree tear. The doctor said when his left shoulder came out, he ripped me up inside my v____a and through my rectum. I had the "wonderful" epidural everyone speaks of, however, it never took effect even after 3 injections of the medication in the cath. Talk about hurt! OUCH! I still have a hole in my v____a from this tear that causes many problems and infectins since anytime my bowels are loose at comes out the wrong way! This hole can be attempted to be repaired, but in many times, it only makes things worse and I would need to have a colostomy bag for several months after the operation to try to repair. (Not worth it to me).Anyways, my second daughter (my youngest) was a planned c-section as I didn't want to take the chance of having another 4 degree tear. I had bronchitis which turned into pneumonia the evening of the delivery. Coughing like that after a c-setion is NOT a good thing! I have had a buring feeling about 1 inch above the incision that covers an area of about 3 inches high and a good 6 inches across my abdomen. What the heck is this from??? I have called my Dr.'s office and am awaiting a return call from the nurse as they said they are pulling my chart. I will keep checking back to this site often to read any and all of your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you in advance for any advice!


Jamie - April 13

Update.....I finaly heard back from the Dr.'s office and well...they have no idea what the burning senation can be. :(


sarita - April 15

6 yrs ago...and still feeling funny...not really pain...just uncomfy. I am preggo again and so far my doc says everything looks great.


Faye - April 24

I was 21 yrs old when I had my first c-section in Dec 2003. My son was 8 mths old when I got pregnant again. I am scheduled for a second c-section in May 2005. During my second pregnancy I was also worried about a rupture or something so I discussed it with my doctor and she said everything would be fine. I did experience a little pain and numbness during my second pregnancy but my doctor said it was where I was not in shape and only 8mths post-op when I got pregnant again and my muscles hadn't had time to fully heal and the pain was just the muscles stretching out again.


Toni Jackson - April 28

I have had 4 c-sections staritin with the first in 1990 and the last one on march 3, 2005. I also had a laparotomy which is a surgery that requires you to have a bikini cut also and I have no pain. I didn't even have any pain right after my last c-section. I did have a little numbness on the right side of my incision but that is now back to normal. I will be praying for all of you, because I know that the pain has got to be awful.


Melany - April 29

I had a c-section 2 1/2 years ago as well (september 2002) and mine is still totally numb! also if anyone pushes on it or anything else it shoots a sharp pain through my stomch. i am 14 weeks pregnant w/ my second and it hurts really badly when the dr. pushes on my stomach. i too am a little afraid of what it will feel like when i get really big!!!


Tammy - April 30

I definatly feel your pain. Did anybody else have an infection to go along with it? I had my c-section 20 months ago, had a nasty infection 2 weeks later and now after 20 months my incision popped open and started pouring infection again. Lovely huh, the doc says its not from the c-section, gee wonder how it happened then huh, I think they are just trying to escape a malpractice suit. Will be looking for another opinion and keep you guys posted


Kelli - May 6

I had my second c-section 12/27/04, my first one went fine hardly no pain after. I even went to work 2 weeks after my first. This time is different, I get so much pain sometimes, i just ball up and cry. My abdomen has gone back to normal, its just a piercing pain and a burning sensation on and through my incision. I feel for all of you ladies. i think that people think that I am faking it, but I really do hurt. I went to the er and they told me that it could be a nerve caught in the incision, nothing I can really do about it. So I wish all of you the best, let me know if you find anything out.


Lisa - May 19

I had a C-Section 9 months ago and have had constant pain in my right side just below the scar. It is a dull ache and makes it hard to walk because of the pain. It is aggrivated by excercise. I had a CT scan and sonogram and they were clean, thank goodness. The surgeon I saw said it is a nerve that is pinched. I am going for a nerve block to see if that helps. Just be careful, I went to see another surgeon for a second opinion and he was ready to cut me open again and just "clean out whatever was there, hernia, scar tissue..." He said my recovery would be half of the recovery for a c-section. It's 9 months and I'm still not over the c-section, so that was not comforting. I too wish someone told me of the potential problems with a c-section, although, I had no choice, my son was breach. Good Luck everyone. If anyone has had success with a nerve block, I'd love to hear about it.


Christine - May 22

I Went to the doctor and had a sonogram and found out that there was a cyst on my ovarie and thats why it could have been hurting two she talked out birthcontrol but i didnt really want to and she said to have another sono in 6 wks and then there was 2 little cyst so they are completely going away and when I got my period it would hurt I went on the patch and have been on it for a month its not as good as they make it out to be. It starts to peel off on the edges makes it look dirty like a bandaid from clothing and if your fat dont think about putting anywhere but arm. ha ha. But anyways I decided to go on and then have a sono after three months but I just took it off today after having it for 5weeks because of the side effects I was having headaches and nausea and just some of the stuff you hear about it. I just dont like anything thats really going to mess you up. Thanks alot for everyones help.


shazzy nevin - May 23

ok i thought i was the only 1 who was suffering like this and i was going mad i have had 3 c-sections the first one emergency and it was fine the second 1 went just as well so i thought id have no problems with the 3rd boy was i wrong as i also decided to get my tubes tied aswell.first of all i went in at 12.00 and my baby wasn't out till 1.10 then all went wrong and i started feeling the knife so i was put to sleep i came out of surgery at 3.10 screeming with agony the doctors wanted to open me up again to see what was wrong but they then decided to c how id get on 2 1/2 years later all is not well the pain in my right lower still so bad sometimes i can hardly put my right foot the doc who ive seen today has said this isnt right that maybe i have a trapped nerve the last time i went to the hospital they told me after a ultra sound that my right ovary was attached to my womb and my left 1 was missing this pain is affecting my life when i enquired about my op they seemed to fob me off saying it was a normal op can anybody give me advise or help.thanks for [email protected] i'd love to hear from anybody who might no what to do now.


Bryan - May 29

Hi Jill, my wife had her c-sections 13mos. apart and didn't have any problems. She had some pain that is to be expected. It is major surgery. I was at her side talking to her and I woudn't want to go through it. A beautiful girl and adorable boy were the end results. I hope I helped you out. Good luck!



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