Should I Feel Like This 2 Yrs Post C Section

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Bryan - May 29

Hi Jill, my wife had her c-sections 13mos. apart and didn't have any problems. She had some pain that is to be expected. It is major surgery. I was at her side talking to her and I woudn't want to go through it. A beautiful girl and adorable boy were the end results. I hope I helped you out. Good luck!


Michele - June 11

I had a C-section ELEVEN years ago, and even though it went fine, til this day I still get that wierd burning sensation around the scar. Strange, that a decade later, I still have bouts of numbness, burning, and occasional tenderness near the scar tissue. I am 10 wks pregnant now and I am thinking I hope I don't need to have another C-section. We'll see.....


Heather - June 14

I have had 2 c-sections 9 years apart with a v____al birth in between. The growth of your belly really doesn't effect the pain or sensation you have there. I still have discomfort if I wear the wrong pants, panties, or if my children accidently hit that area. Numbness is also an issue. I think it is something that always stays with you to a certain extent. THe nerves have been cut and may not always find there way back.


Christine - June 14

Its been a year since my second c-section and mine still hurt especially the other day because i started to work out. I couldnt imagine being pregnant right now.


Erin - June 15

Hi I have had 2 c-sections and yes it still hurts and mine is 3 yrs old now, I got pregnant 5yrs after my first c section, when i lean up against something, my son kicks me or even when he sits on me wrong, I thought the same thing was it going to hurt or my guts going to fall out when the baby got bigger and no dident happen, because the doctors told me i healed great,I just couldent feel the baby kick down by the cut because its still numb , doctors say sometimes you get felling back sometimes you dont I still have no felling there after 8 years of the first c section and now 3 years old scar no fellings. So good luck.


Liz - June 16

I've had 2 C- Sections. I had experienced pain by my incision area and tenderness when it was pressed upon or kicked. I spoke to my GYN about it and he recommended that I have laproscopic surgery to determine the cause. I had scar tissue that was causing some of the pain. Once I had the surgery I felt better. Some sites had people list that they also did the scar tissue clean up and had to go again but I can say i felt better after having it.


Bena - June 17

I had a c-section two years ago and for the first 3 months felt a numbness around my scar. I could not let my husband touch me any where near there because it felt too weird. I am due to deliver in two months and have been experiencing severe abdominal pain on the left side. It only seems to happen at night time, whether I'm sitting or laying down. I am glad to hear of other people having the same symptoms but also sad that this seems to be a common occurence. Good luck to everyone on their new additions!


Amanda - June 20

I had 6 lb 3 oz twins by c-section on 8/15 last year. I had no choice but to be very active, so I didn't rest enough post op. I think my activity kept me from having the soreness most of you have described, but I think the activity has caused other problems, i.e. I have constant UTI's (at least that's what they are calling it). I've recently seen a urologist and am having a CT scan for further diagnosis. Any one else with these issues?


angela - June 23

I have had 2 c-sections. My last one being 1 1/2 years ago. My first one was alright. After I had my 2nd one I noticed a "knot" on my lower right abdomen. My abdomen is very sensitive and I can not stand any pressure on it and I get sharp stabing pains that only last a couple of seconds. There is some slight discomfort around the incision. I went to the dr. today and he said that he thought that it was scar tissue causing the problem. I know how you all feel and can personally relate. Good luck to you all and remember that you are not alone.


Lori - June 27

I am so glad to see I am not alone...or imagining things. I had my first c-section a little over two months ago. It was not a bad experience and we are scheduled for #2 in a month or so. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and suddenly started having severed pain right where my scar is in my lower abs. When I wake up in the morning I feel great and within an hour I feel like I need a walker to move around. Each movement of my leg is excruciating. It hasn't been much fun for my son who is a very active toddler. I wonder if it's the nerves tied up in scar tissue that many of you mentioned. I have been searching the web to try and find answers. My doctor thinks it's in the category of "muscular/skeletal" meaning ligiments etc. He also prescribed Vicadan (sp?) because Tylenol is not helping at all. And I am scared to take it. Anyone else get these severe pains so late in their second or third pregnancies?


Lori - June 27

sorry.....had my c-section a little over 2 years ago...not two months.


Wanda - July 5

I had my fourth c-section 5 months ago and still have pain. Its like the skin is more tender than if I rub my stomach hard. If my baby stands on my stomach or I get bumped it really hurts. The sharp little pains come and go to in the incision. I go to the doctor tomorrow hope he doesn't want to cut scar tissue away. All my other c-sections had healed by now. I had my tubes tied but, doctor said that I shouldn't notice any pain or anything with that.


Erin - July 14

I had my c-section 2 1/2 yrs ago and the stabbing pain is getting worse every month. Mine seems to be period related. What I think is really sad is that there is a board full of women with the same extremely painful problem and not one of our doctors can offer ANY kind of help! With all of the technology today! Come on! It's just frustrating!


Michelle - July 14

I had a emergency c-section 1 yr. ago and I too have the burning sensation, I am in the army and today when I was doing sit-ups I felt like something punched me in the right side of my stomach and my whole stomach cramped up, it scared the heck out of me.


amanda - July 22

i had a c-section when i was 16 and two v-backs since then i felt no pain after the first pregancy and no pain during the last two however i am now 36 weeks pregnant and am having a lot of pain in my right on my lower right side where the c-section is and i am being told that it is because of my body stretching but i didnt have this pain with the last two. my dr says they can no longer perform v-backs because of insurance issues due to uterus reputure and i am supoosed to have a repeat c-section come the 27th. after reading all of your stories and knowing right now i am have a lot of pain to where it hurts to go to the bathroom and stand up or roll over i am wondering about what will happen after i have this c-section i was hoping that as soon as my son is out of me that the pain would go away! should i try another v-back or go with the c-section? i am scared of the v-back because from what i have been told is the baby is bigger then he should be and i have had a lot of blader problems. i dont know what to do also the baby has attached his self to my lower right side above my scar and i am scared it could result in plancenta previa.


amanda - July 22

i have a question for the woman who have the pain were you sitched back up or did the dr use stables? i also heard today from a friend that if they use stables then youll have more problems plus if you have a lot of weight on you then you will have problems then too.



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