Should I Wear Anti Embolism Stockings For A C Section

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Sonia111 - September 27

I want to know how popular these stockings are for c-sections. I had a myomectomy several years ago, and my doctor had me wear those for the first several days after the operation. Now I am scheduled for a c-section, and I insist on wearing stockings again, but this different doctor refuses to accomodate me. Should I keep insisting? Please, help, any info is welcome.


babybrain32 - September 29

Yes you should!!!! I'm saying this as a nurse and as a mother. I had a c-section with my daughter who is now 2 and I'm pregnant with my second child now. I will most definetly wear them again. I wore them for a few weeks after the surgery also as my body continued to heal. I can't believe that a doctor would not tell you the importance of wearing them. After any invasive procedure esp. a c-section, this is important to do. You will form many clots that will eventually pa__s(from the uterus) after the procedure so it is important that you prevent stationary clots from forming. After the procedure you will be lying down quite a bit. Wearing the stockings keep good circulation. Not, to scare you but if a clot forms in your legs and dislodges (this is very common), it can travel to your lungs or heart and cause a fatality. Sorry for sounding like a medical dictionary but I get fearful of these situations. Please! Please! Continue to insist on the stockings. Your life is more important than his ignorance. =)


Sonia111 - October 1

Thank you so much! I did insist, and the doctor agreed. I feel like such a load has been lifted, and I definitely will worry less about the recovery part. Thank you again and good luck with your pregnancy!


miami_loca - October 1

babybrain--at the hospital i will be delivering at for this c-sec and my last csec last year, they put these stockings on me that would periodically fill up with air, then deflate. is this the same thing? And they were only on during surgery and 1 day after. Should i buy something else for when they remove these, and where do i buy them?


sahmof3 - October 7

The hospital put them on me after my last 2 c-sections, but not my first for some reason. Make sure they have the right size for you... too loose will do no good and too tight (which was what they gave me, except, of course I was numb and didn't know until later) and I had bruising so bad it looked like I was wearing purple biker shorts!!


babybrain32 - October 14

Miami, yes, they serve the same purpose while in the hospital. I would suggest that you wear some after you leave the hospital for a while. It's up to you. Your body will still be healing and you still will be pa__sing clots sometimes. Me personally, I would wear them for a week or two after the surgery just to be sure. Good luck dear and congrats on your baby =)


cakegirl - October 15

I had my c-section 10 days ago. When I woke up after the operation, I had the ones that inflated and deflated. Once I got up and about, the midwife took those off and replaced them with the thigh-high anti-blood-clot stockings.



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