Showering After C Section

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DeeJay - August 12

I am having my c section on Monday the 21st and i will be staying at the hospatol for 4 days. How soon after can you shower and do they let you take a shower at the hospatol? I would think you would want to shower, or at least get rinsed off rather soon after?


sahmof3 - August 12

With my first I wasn't "allowed" to shower alone- they wanted a nurse to be in there with me. Well, I made a fuss about that and they finally let me (without the nurse), but said not to get it wet at all. But, with the last two I was allowed to shower normally (as normally as one can with an IV stand, that is) the next day. I just had to be sure to completely pat the area dry after showering. With those two I showered the day after my c-sections.


mrssubee - August 12

I showered 2 days later- I probably could have the next day but I was still attached to an IV and catheter due to complications


Nerdy Girl - August 12

I showered 2 days later, alone. The nurse told me to pull the cord if I needed help, but dh was right outside the door too. Everything went fine.


afwife - August 12

i just had my c section on monday, and i showered the next day. the nurse did, however, have to walk me to the bathroom and make sure i was ok. she was there if i needed her help (which i actually did need help getting dressed and stuff, not because of the pain, but the IV) but she did not stay in there while i showered and yes, i was allowed to get it wet.


Ems - August 13

I had a C-Section with my little boy...discharged myself after 3 days. I had him at 8.30am on the Monday and had my first shower the following morning, aparently they don't like you to shower immediately after due to infection. The nurse didn't insist on coming in with me to do so as my partner came and cleaned me up (I had to be carried into theshower by him as still too sore). The 3rd day I showered on my own and the waterproof plastic dressing they put on my wound filled with water. I told the nurse and she didn't seem to bothered by it - we just dried it off and made sure it was covered.



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