Silly Question C Section Tummy Tuck

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suze42 - January 23

Ive heard that when the doctor does a c-section over a previous c-section scar, they cut around it and can actually pull the tummy skin tighter than it was prior. Im 15wks w/my second and will be having anothe c-sction for sure. I would love to lose some flab in the process...anyone??


SuzieQ - January 23

ooh - I hope that can be true! I'm not pregnant again, but we're planning a second baby in a few years and i would love that!


freebird - January 24

A friend of mine had that done after she had her twins. They were her second pregnancy and she decided she was done. I plan to have a tummy tuck (My twins caused my belly to look like a deflated balloon!) but am going to wait until I'm sure we're done having children. If we don't have another in 5 years I'm going in for a tubal ligation and a tummy tuck. If we have another then I'm going to have a repeat section with a tuck.


Nerdy Girl - January 24

I didn't know they could do that. Isn't it two different surgeons - an OB and a plastic surgeon?


suze42 - January 24

well I dont mean like a "real" tummy tuck...I just mean that when they pull the skin closed after they cut around the old scar...does that tighten up the tummy a bit.? Im sure if you were to have an actual tuck,you would need a plastic surgeon and it would be big bucks.


Nerdy Girl - January 24

I don't know how that would really work because the c-section incision is not hip to hip. So then wouldn't you have tight skin in the middle with loose skin on the sides?


Kara H. - January 27

To my knowledge when a friend of mine had this done, they didn't take but a smidge of skin, but what they did do was sew her muscle wall back together. Which is actually what they do as the foundation of a real tummy tuck. They separate our muscles vertically which is why we cant do crunches for 8-10 weeks post opp, and some womens separate during the pregnancy too. So basically, insead of waiting for those mucles to come back together (which they never will be tight together on their own ever again), they st_tch them together creating an internal gurdle to hold everythng in. But you still have most, if not all, of the excess skin.



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