SNOWED IN Anyone Else

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AmyB - February 14

well i was snowed in last night..and now dh and 2 of my boys are out shoveling and playing...we got about a foot! ww could leave if we absolutely had to but it was pretty bad...i volunteer on an ambulance and there were several ambulances in our county stuck in ditches and just plain stuck...anyone else get snow? i am in illinois right by the illinois indiana border..


candaceann1 - February 14

I am in Pa, we are snowed in too. Our 200ft driveway is a sheet if ice. We lost power last night for about 10 hours, I dont know how the amish do it, I was going crazy without power,lol.


lovemy3 - February 14

We are sooooo snowed in here in Ontario Canada.


sahmof3 - February 14

I'm in PA., too. We could get out (because dh got to work and back today), but there's no way I'm trying it. Can't wait for spring... although up until mid- January we were pretty spoiled... it WAS spring-like!


MM - February 14

We were snowed in today - Hamilton, ON.


AmyB - February 15

sahmof3 i know i have talked to you on here before but i cant remember are you having anymore kids or are you done?


sahmof3 - February 15

I'm done. I had my tubes tied w/ my 3rd c-section.


AmyB - February 15

how old are your kids? do you regret it at all? i am so scared i would regret it so bad after i do it...i really want at least one more and then tie em


Nerdy Girl - February 15

Hey Amy, where do you live? I am in Morton Grove, and dh commutes to Whiting for work.


AmyB - February 16

i am in danville...about 30 min from champaign-urbana


sahmof3 - February 16

Hi Amy! My kids are Nathan, 6 1/2, Leah 3 and Justin 19 months. I just knew we were done in every way (financially, physically (my 3rd c-section was my FIFTH pelvic surgery), MENTALLY lol). It's a little sad to be completely done with newborns and even the first year, but it's nice knowing we're done and it's getting so much easier as they all get older, too.


AmyB - February 16

sahm i pray for one more and i will be a happy girl! yeah it does seem easier as they get older!



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