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Jenn - December 14

So I was looking on the labor board, and I saw that someone said that they were opting for a section because they didn't want to be stretched down there. And, I have to have a c section with this pregnancy, as I had an emergency dues to numerous things+ fetal distress, but my doc said that this is the safest way for me. And, now that I realize that this pregnancy is going to be successful, (mc'd in the past) I am starting to get scared about this "planned section." And, although I don't really care if someone chooses to have one, I am starting to wonder why? Just to NOT get stretched down there? I am starting to remember my first, and It hurt like h__l. I threw up all over myself, becuase I couldn't move due to being tied down. And I had to have someone suction my mouth out. Also, afterwards, all I did was beg for pain meds-you'd think I was a junkie or something. I was on a 10 minute demerol drip and an IV and pills. I still hurt. It sucks, and I just don't see why someone would opt for it-because of reasons that just don't really matter......


Dana - December 14

Reasons that don't matter - to you. That's a big deal to alot of women, and research is just now starting to give women stats on how often there is pelvic floor damage with v____als. There are a billion risks with a c-section - but lots of women are just now realizing that there are some really awful things that can also have a v____al, and they would rather the alternative, and not take the chance. Personal choice, you just have to decide what - for yourself - is the lesser of two evils.


Dana - December 14

*happen if you have a v____al - can't type today!


Lynne - December 14

My c section was not bad at all. Mine was an emergency section but I am not worried about any future section at all. Not everyone has the same experiences and I do know quite a few women who have a lot of pain a__sociated with their previous v____al births. I don't really understand the whole worried about stretching, but for other medical reasons I do understand.


Jenn - December 14

I wasn't worried either, and it sucked, but it was tolerable-but I am unexpectedly getting nervous about the procedure, I hadn't planned for it I guess.


djh - December 14

I know what you are talking about Jenn. I had to have 4 c's and I hated everyone of them. I ended up having to have a hysterectomy, so I can't think of that damage is being much better than most of the thing you "avoid" with a c-section. Also, I have pelvic floor problems due to being PREGNANT and there is also research that is pointing more towards pregnancy causing prolapses and fissures as well as v____al deliveries. Since I never even got a baby in the birth ca___l, it stands to reason that my pelvic problems were obviously not related to v____al delivery. Some vag-births do cause major problems, but just as many c-sections do too. I guess some people don't mind surgery and its risks. I wish all women could have easy, uncomplicated and non-damaging v____al births, maybe some day they will figure out how to make that so. Until then we will continue to debate the pros and cons. Best thing to do in the mean time is NEVER tell a woman, either way, that she had the "easy birth" it just isn't true and it is extremely insulting. All women who have babies are troopers.


Jbear - December 14

Jenn, I just had a scheduled c-section four months ago. It went much more smoothly than my first, emergency c. For one thing, you'll be able to tell them about any problems you had the first time, so they can be avoided. I had major issues about having my hands tied down and not being able to wear my contact lenses (I am so nearsighted I can't wear gla__ses more than 5min without vomiting). The anesthesiologist I had this time said I could wear my contacts as long as my husband had the case in his pocket. She didn't tie my hands down either, but my hands ended up shaking so badly that she held one hand and my husband held the other. They were both petting my was strange how comforting that was. The recovery didn't hurt as much as my first, maybe because I already had some numb areas from the first one, or maybe because I was so busy with two kids that I didn't have time to dwell on it.


charlotte. - December 15

I chose to have a section,the thought as jenn said of stretching actually made me feel quite ill,the unknown,etc.I had my section and am glad I did.I felt more in control of the event,knowing what was happening,and although nervous thought that it is now being done many times each day.I had no problem,with little discomfort.


Jenn - December 15

Thanks ladies-I am trying to chill out about it, but I really do feel nervous. I knew that there was a good chance that I would have to have another if I got pregnant again, and I didn't really mind-but now I am worrying about all the things that could go wrong, especially since I have a family to look after.


To Jenn - December 15

I think it shows you are intelligent and thoughtful to be worried over what can go wrong with the surgery. I would be concerned if you weren't. All precautions are taken during the surgery, but just because they are done often doesn't remove the dangers. It doesn't matter if 5 million are done today, the risks for bleeding and blood clots are not 1 in 5 million...anyhow, if you trust your doctor, just go with the flow and like the previous poster said, alert the medical staff in advance of any problems you had with your last c, or any fears you need addressed. I also agree that I don't understand why anyone would choose it, I had both and the v____al was better. Good luck!!!


marcie. - December 16

jenn,as you may have read before,I had both,a horrendous first natural birth,where the drugs made me feel very sick,or the epidural did not take.I swore never to forget that pain,it was awful.I chose to have a c-section,and believe me,it was so much easier.The pain afterwards was manageable,I would not ever want to experience the natural birth.By the way,they say the pain does not last long with a natural,when they cut me down there,after saying on my contraction I would not feel it,and did,then felt sore afterwards,I was not "ok"after,at least with the scar on your tummy you could see it healing.As Charlotte says,they are being done so often nowadays,and medicine advancing,if it was bad,women like myself would not be able to elect for one.There are also problems that happens with natural birth,I would rather have a planned section,than an emergency one,and that happens more often than you think.



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