Stitches Vs Staples For A C Any Opinions

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Jena - November 6

Hi, I am 36 weeks with breech twins. My OB has planned a C for 11/18 and she does st_tches. However, she will be out of town until 11/17 and if I go into labor before then, a different doctor will deliver my boys and he does staples. I have heard horrible things about staples but I have also heard that they produce a better scar. Do you guys have an experience so share? I can ask the "subst_tute" doctor to do st_tches instead if I chose to. But I'm a first-time mom and don't really know what I should want! Thank you!


djh - November 6

i had staples and while I had a long scar in proportion to me ( I am very narrow from hip-to-hip) the scar line itself was very nice. It takes up to a year for the raised area to go flat, but that is true either way. The staples are just nasty when they take them out, like having your (sorry...) pubic hair plucked one at a time. Internally you will have stiches either way. Good luck on your babies, have PLENTY OF HELP waiting for you at home!!!!! I didn't think the staples themselves were bad or the source of my severe post-op pain so I wouldn't worry about staples v.s. st_tches in my opinion. Maybe someone who has had both has a better idea?


Jena - November 6

I think staples are fine. Actually I trust them more. I had staples after my c section and when I got them removed it wasnt painful at all. Actualy,it tickled. So dont let it worry you.


Jbear - November 7

I had staples with both of my c-sections. The first time they used really long staples and I was a little uncomfortable (I was afraid to bend). They didn't hurt coming out. For my second c-section, they used smaller staples and moving around was more comfortable, but it hurt when they were removed.


jill - November 8

I had st_tches with my C. My scar is very narrow and small. If I were to do it again I would probalby want st_tches. They don't have to be removed. Staples sounds like a lazy way to sew you up quickly. Just my opinion. I'm sure that the scars are not much different.


-m - November 8

I actually didn't have either. My doctor used stiches on the inside but just used sugical tape to close the cut on the outside. I thought it was kind of weird because I've never heard of that, just st_tches of staples. But that was three months ago and my scar is very short and isn't even raised at all. I had no complications at all, and the surgical tape was removed at my two week post-op check up.


Scarlett - November 8

I had disolving st_tches with both of my children. My last surgery was 2 weeks ago and already my scar is completely flat and paper thin. It looks ideal. My 2nd doctor usually uses staples, but I asked for the st_tches since the results were so great on my 1st scar.


amy p - November 8

i actually just read a medical journal and they are saying there are less infections and openings if you are stapled??? i was stapled twice and will asked to be stapled with my 3rd...


cathy - November 17

please get the stiches,i got staples 2x and stiches the 3rd and what a differnce in recovery ,


jena - November 19

thank you everyone. i had my babies early so I hadn't come back on here - I had them 12 days ago and got st_tches and my scar is flat and the st_tches are dissolving - it looks GREAT and I am SO glad that I got st_tches - thanks again!!


Jeanette - December 6

I am due to deliver by C-section on 12/30/05 and my dr. will be using staples. When I had my daughter by c-section two years ago, the dr. used st_tches and I had a very bad reaction to the material used which created a very large, dark red, raised scar (called a keloid I believe) that never went down. I've been told by my new doctor that you cannot have a reaction to stainless steel staples. He plans on cutting out the old scar on this next c-section. Hope it works!!!!


Tara - December 7

Jeanette, Wouldn't it be nice to have your baby on Christmas?? Will they let you do that....?? Or, maybe even on New Year's Eve....?? It would be cool if you had the baby on New Year's Eve.... Anyway, I am locked in this same debate... staples vs. st_tches. I am set for a C-section on Jan. 13 of '06 and had staples with my first. I am a full time college student as well as a mother of a ten month old so I'm looking for the speediest and easiest recovery. I've heard that st_tches are much more comfortable and that you tend to heal faster with st_tches.... I do believe that my doctor does both AND Jill I am with you on the staples are a quick and easy way to sew you up idea. I really do believe that hasty doctors use them instead of taking the time for the st_tches. I'm not sure of what I will ask for this time. Either way it will probably be a better experience because when my son was born at Central Dupage Hospital in Chicago (a place that I hope to never return to) they didn't give me any pain killer and when they did, I had to ask for it over and over and over. I didn't sleep at all in the hospital because if I didn't ask for it, they didn't administer anything. Every four to six hours I had to ask for something. They also took more than a half an hour after I asked to bring it, and took my newborn from my room for hours at a time when they promised only a few minutes. I'm quite sure that the staples or st_tches will be fine either way as my care in the hospital should be highly improved. Thanks everyone. I read all of your opinions and will consider consulting my doctor to see which would work best in my situation.


To Tara, - December 7

Since you are a full-time college student, a mother of a baby, and want a speedy recovery, why don't you try VBAC? I did and it was much easier, and less painful than my c-section, plus I went on a cruise with my newborn only 8 days later!!!! If possible, I would check into that, so much easier than a c-section recovery. Good luck to all who are delivering soon, I had staples with my first, so don't know about st_tches.


vane - December 7

i had a c section about a month and a half ago with my first baby girl and i still havent removed my staples because i had such a bad c section because the epidural didnt work i felt everything in the c section i was traumatized and iam scared that removing the staples is gonna hurt really bad does it really hurt?? please reply


amber - December 9

i had st_tches, a lot easier i am sure. They just desolve.... i didnt feel them.... i will ask for st_tches again next time


sye - January 7

i was given both staples and st_tches


Kira_lynn - January 16

I had staples when i had intestinal surgery and i didnt like them. My scar was around my belly b___ton to the top of my pubic bone. They took the staples out 5 days after surgery and my scar looks like c___p now. its small in some parts and wide in others. I was told all they use is staples now. Im gonna ask if i can get stiches for my csection tho.



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