Stupid Question Is It Normal To Wonder Is You Will Die

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amy - November 21

i am sorry for asking this but is it normal wo wonder if you will die in a c section? i didnt worry about it with my first but i recall when i was scheduled for my second having a feeling i would die...also i am ttc #3 and i am sooo scared something will happen to this b/c i am a mother now and i do not want to leave my other children or what...this is crazy..i have almost talked myself out of #3 b/c i am that scared something will happen to me...does anyone else feel this way or am i nuts?


Jen - November 21

I felt the same way going in for #2. When I dropped my son off at my mom's I felt like I was leaving him forever. The whole morning when I was being prepped for surgery my blood pressure was soo high and I was shaking. They kept asking if I was ok and I just said I was scared. I made it through though with no complications.


Jbear - November 21

I had exactly the same problem that Jen described, the blood pressure rising, and shaking so much they had to hold me still. I didn't have any problems like that during my first c-section. I was worried that I was going to die, too...I had already asked my father if my husband and daughter could live with him for a while if I died, to give my husband time to sort out the bills...that's how worried I was. I guess it's's also a sign of how useful we are to our families, to worry about how they would survive if we were gone.


amy - November 21

im glad i am not many children do you have jbear?


Jbear - November 21

I have two daughters, 3 and a half years and 3 months. I had my tubes tied during my 2nd c-section because both of my pregnancies were so complicated that I didn't want to try again.


Amy - November 21

wow..i have 2 boys and i would love to have a little girl! i am so scared to have another c, b/c i had very bad scar tissue but i know it would be worth it. you still have a little one!


Jbear - November 22

My second c was a lot easier to recover from than the first. I had a much smaller incision and it took about four weeks to feel totally recovered. I had such a bad time with my first c that I hadn't planned on having any more kids, but then my husband and I celebrated Christmas a little too much and Sophia got started...I'm really glad we did, because she's wonderful. I never realized how two kids could be so totally different from each other. My first has always been a little drama queen, but my second is so calm and happy that it calms me down to be around her.


amy - November 22

i know my boys are night and day funny huh!


L - November 23

Wow...I experienced the same exact thing with my c-section. My blood pressure went up and I literally thought I was going to die..I felt like I couldn't breath and I was sweating so much. It was most likely from the spinal epidural. I would like to have a 3rd child some day but I too am nervous about going through that same dreadful experience. I plan to talk to my doctor about my concerns and hopefully she will be able to ease my mind.


Jbear - November 23

to L...when I had my first, I had a spinal headache afterwards. So when I had my second, they did a straight epidural (rather than a combo or a spinal). I had the rise in blood pressure and the shaking with just an epidural. The good thing about the epidural, though, is that if you start feeling it during the surgery, they can increase the medicine.


amy - November 23

yeah L it took me some time to finally make the decision to have #3...some days i am still a little unsure but i really want another one....i just think about the good?


L - November 28

Thanks guys! The good definitely outweigh the bad when it comes to deciding to have another child. It is funny how quickly you can forget the pains of childbirth when you look at your precious babies :)


Sunrise - December 1

After my thrid child, I guess I went through postaprtum depression. She was delivered by c-section. I thought that it would be normal. However, I spent 8 days in ICU due to internal bleeding. I never expected this. But my faith in God has gotten me through these rough months. So to answer your question no you are not crazy. Be optimistic...


Keneisha - December 2

I think it is normal to worry about dying. People DO die from surgery. I was so worried about it for my third baby I had to be restrained because I didn't want to go through another c-section and the awful recovery. I am not having any more because of my fears.


jen - December 14

my god, its weird just reading that, i feel exactly the same, tyou said exactly how i feel, im so glad im not alone through this feeling. x


amy - December 29

well jen i wish you the best of luck. i just wondered if i was alone, it is a scarey thought


Amie Mack - January 13

Hi, I think you'd be nuts if you didn't think about it. I was worried throughout my pregnancy that I would die when I had my little one a year ago. But when I actually went into labour and it wasn't a straight forward one it never entered my mind that either myself or my baby wouldn't be ok. My husband was terrifed and in tears though. I was telling everyone to look after him not worry about me! Thats nuts!



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