Super Swollen Ankles Feet Legs After C Section

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docbytch - October 14

Hi. This is the first c section I have had. My recovery has been great...with the exception of the horrible swelling my legs, ankles, and feet now have. I had the surgery 5 days ago and my legs have not shown any sign of decreased swelling at all. I cannot wear any shoes whatsoever and am frankly really freaked out about this. Doc did not prescribe any diuretics because they dry out my br___t milk. Is this kind of swelling typical after a csection?? How long should I expect this to go on? I cannot even imagine stepping out in public like this!! It's heinous!


sahmof3 - October 14

I had it pretty bad after my first (son) was born... in July (so I had some swelling before I even had him, but nothing like afterward!!!). The swelling was up to my thighs. They even checked my kidney function to make sure my kidneys weren't shutting down, but it was fine. It took about a week to go down. With my daughter it wasn't too bad... my calves were only swollen a little bit. It was January and very cold, which may have helped. I had my 3rd (son) in July, and, like with my oldest, I got so swollen. It was awful. It made it to hip level!! I'm not a small person to start with, so the nurses didn't really notice, but I finally got one to listen to me that it was truly SWELLING that was at hip level, not just fat. The doctor told me that if the swelling got any higher they would have to keep me until it at least went back down to thigh level and that they migth need to drain some fluid off it got near my lungs! Fortunately, it went down some the night before I was to leave. It took about 3 weeks to completely go back to normal (with degrees of improvement all along that 3 weeks). It was so embara__sing, especially because it was so hot out and I was wearing shorts. Anyway, it'll go down evetually. Good luck!


cakegirl - October 15

I had a c-section 10 days ago (for my beautiful little daughter Evelyn), and I was sooo swollen after it. I was quite swollen before, but just lying there in the bed looking down at my ankles was so depressing! Now that I'm home and up and about and walking around much more, it's much much much better. Yesterday I looked at photos from hospital and I look HORRIBLE - even my hands look like puffy cartoon hands!!!


miami_loca - October 15

Doc---no worries. It's normal and is gonna take at least 2 weeks to go down. I just had my 3rd c-sect on 10-3. Yesterday was the first day my feet resembled actual feet! And i think i might see some ankles there! After months of cankles and puffy marshmallow feet, ill take it! LOL.


wailing - October 15

Happened to me too. I was walking around the hospital all day (like they tell u to do) when my feet suddenly felt weird. When I pulled my socks off I screamed. They were HUGE, like flintstone feet. So awful. The dr. said it was normal b/c of all the excess fluid in ur body. BUt, if I would mention it to ur dr. if it doesn't go away soon..sometimes it can be a sign of something else.


freebird - October 15

Yep, it happened to me too. It will get better. My DH called it 'Miss Piggy feet' I believe I had fat feet for at least a week. It would also be better in the morning and worse at night after I had been on my feet all day. Try to keep your feet up as much as you can, I know that helped me alot.


docbytch - October 16

Thank you all. It's hard to bend my ankles from the swelling. I do put my feet up most of the time while sitting down which helps...but the swelling returns more once I am up and on my feet again. It's been 6 days now and so far no real improvement. I hope like hell you guys are all right...this is making me pretty miserable!! I can't leave my house!


angelaincanada - January 8

I bought crocs that were two sizes too big for me after the c section. Finally after almost two months I could wear normal shoes again!


tummy tamer - January 13

Flex and pint your toes several times a day- make sure you talk to Dr to make sure its not a blood clot. Dry skin brush and drink more water. Did you get a csection recovery kit?



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